The Treatise, the Blog and How it all Revolves

“… out of Zion shall go forth the law…”

The Prophets – KJV

It all began in the treatise where I delved into describing the absolute nature of the universe. I never knew then that I would begin a blog, but after I completed the treatise, it became necessary that I do, and after I started blogging, I realised that I was already creating a whole new and broader picture of reality.

The above is basically what this article about “the treatise, the blog and how it all revolves” is about. They say that this world is full of surprises, and yes they are very right.

A lot has happened to me and my expectations for the theory in recent times that I sometimes look back and wonder why I didn’t see or think of these things before.

With the blog and everything, I am beginning to see a new picture of the universe that I couldn’t see in only the treatise. It is now beyond just writing a treatise, or just blogging, it’s now about the whole of reality being brought to a focus.

However, at the center of all of this is the treatise. The blog and everything else revolves around the treatise, though the blog is a little different from the treatise in style.

In the blog, I usually apply relative science to explain phenomena and I also sound informal and I use JPEG/PNG pictures to present my ideas more clearly. But in the treatise, I applied absolute science to a large extent and I sounded formal.

This why I would encourage you to get the treatise. It contains the exact absolute language for describing the universe. And when you have mastered this language, it becomes very easy to understand my blog articles.

When I began the treatise, I thought that I was writing just a theory of physics or science. But after I was through and the blog came along, I found out more concretely that I was writing a new kind of science.

I realised that I am formally laying the foundation for a new kind of science which I call absolute science. So, a whole new science and picture of reality are revolving around this blog and the treatise.

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This is why in this blog you will find me mentioning concepts that you cannot find in the old relative science. I just want you to know that this is because I am talking about a new kind of science, which is absolute science.

It was in the treatise that I wrote the new theory, and now, in this blog, I am building the consequent new science. This is how the treatise and the blog are somewhat different. The treatise laid the foundation for the path of the new science being forged on this blog. 

This blog made me realize the new era physics has entered. Physics was no longer in the modern era, but now in the post-modern era. This is why I call this blog “the official website for post-modern physics”.

I never thought that writing the treatise would take me this far, and I am so glad that I did. The treatise, the blog and everything that is revolving around them have made me very conscious of the new era of physics and the revolutionary effects it will have on our understanding of the universe.

A whole new science is now spinning around this blog and everything, and the laws of the universe as they were written during creation have all been unravelled in this blog. This is why I call this blog zion, for as it is written: “out of Zion shall go forth the law”.

So, it’s all bigger than the blog itself. A whole new scientific civilization established on absolute science is growing right out of this blog. And for coming to this blog, you have come to absolute science, and in absolute science, you are rest assured that you will understand all mysteries concerning the universe.

A whole new consciousness of reality is revolving around this blog, and this consciousness is bound to transform the way we do science and also how we understand the cosmos.

The metaphysical nature of the universe has proven to be more than what can be contained in a treatise. A blog is required to capture and present to a wide range the metaphysical nature of the universe.

The blog has expanded even some of the concepts introduced in my treatise and they have become expanded beyond what I thought, and some new concepts have been introduced into post-modern physics by the blog.

In this blog, you’re introduced to a whole new picture of reality. The treatise and the blog are producing the true reality of the universe based on the great conceptualization and not on the conceptualization, a reality that is based on the four states of motion and not on the three states of motion and a whole lot more.

A whole new world of physics is revolving around the treatise and this blog. You have to know this and realize that this blog is not like any other science blog out there.

We have in this blog the exact nature of reality without approximations, and this exact nature of reality is unlike what has been conceived in scientific history.

The true nature of light, gravity, force, momentum, energy, etc., are all revolving around this blog. There is an utter transformation of how we conceptualize reality. I want you to understand these things from this article.

The scientific revolution which is been produced by the treatise has extended its reach to this blog and from this blog, it now reaches out to the world, and in the end, the world will revolve around the treatise and this great blog.

This final moment or evolution is what would produce the universal civilization and this blog shall stand as a mountain established upon the mountains. It shall be the zion of the new world and the holy temple of scientific knowledge.

From the treatise and this blog, we are championing a new course towards our understanding of the cosmos and how we interact with it. And the significance of it all can only get bigger and broader until the elements of the old world are swept away and forgotten and mankind now basks in a new and eternal reality.

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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