Is there Truth in the Universe?

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In this important and timely article, I want us to discuss a common question in the heart of some of us who may have taken the time to think deeply about the nature of scientific investigation and the direction in which physics is heading.

This common question which arises in our mind when we sometimes think about scientific investigation is: Is there truth in the universe? This question is very important because it determines if there is any value in scientific investigation, for if there is no such thing as truth in the universe, what then is the need for doing science?

Well, you can say that science still serves a purpose, at least it is the means by which we design machines and tools that assist us during work and in our daily experience of the world. But this is simply the result of scientific investigation and not the aim of science. What has motivated all the great scientists in history is the search for truth, and by truth, I mean scientific truth.

The sublime, unreplaceable inner satisfaction that comes from knowledge is the true motivation for doing science. So, we must be concerned and be eager to know if truth really exists in the universe. Now, I must assert that truth exists in the universe and we can discover it by the way of science.

So, everything I say from now henceforth in this article is only to consolidate this assertion that there is truth in the universe; For it is high time we dropped our skepticism and begin to align with post-modern physics which is showing us the path of truth relevant for science.

This brings us to a relevant point, which is that it is not really enough to ask if there is truth in the universe but to also ask ourselves if we are really on the path that can lead us to the truth. It is useless to be on the wrong path and still wonder if there is truth in the universe, because even if there is truth in the universe, we will never know unless we translate from the wrong path.

This is the juncture at which science finds itself. Science seeks the truth but it cannot realize the truth if it continues to maintain this path that it is on. The truth existing in the universe cannot be discerned by the science we have been practising for the last 400 years.

We must first of all be concerned to know if the science we currently practice is about truth before we can find out if there is truth in the universe. This is because the discoveries of post-modern physics reveal that science has not been concerned about the truth since the first scientific revolution.

So, there is truth in the universe but the science which we have been practising for this long is not equipped to help us discover it. It has so far seemed like we are making advancement in science, but all our advancements so far have been on the path of falsehood.

And if we continue on this path, we will never discover the truth in the universe. We will be like babies growing in body but not in mind. This is, in fact, the abysmal condition of the old official science which has now passed with the advent of the great scientific revolution.

So, to discover the truth in the universe, we have to change in a fundamental way the way we do science. This is why I always emphasize the new kind of science in the universe which I call absolute science, and which is distinct from the kind of science which we have practised so far called relative science. 

In a very important comparison of both kinds of science, you will find out that relative science is based on our observations of the universe usually using our eyes and our other physical senses, but absolute science is based on our experiences of the universe usually using the subtle faculties of the mind.

While relative science is concerned about what we can observe about the universe, absolute science is concerned about what we can experience of the universe. It is important that you understand the distinction between these two sciences so that you can understand how truth exists in the cosmos.

The truth in the universe cannot be found in relative science based on physical observation but in absolute science based on metaphysical experience. I hope you can see how I applied words in the previous sentence. I am explicitly showing you that the physical is connected to observation while the metaphysical is connected to experience.

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The above paragraph raises your suspicion so that you will not fall into the deception of relative science which makes you think that by being concerned about physical observation, you are also concerned about how we experience the universe. This is not true, and this is simply because observation is physical while experience is metaphysical. You must understand this if you want to see the truth in the universe.


Before now you may not have thought of this because of your confidence in the science called relative science and which you did not know that it’s not the only means of scientific investigation. There is another kind of scientific investigation based on absolute science and only this kind of scientific investigation can lead us to the truth.

We must change the path on which we tread to the truth. The progression of relative scientific knowledge so far has been a translation from one kind of blindness to another and not a flight from illumination to illumination which is what really should be the accomplishment of a fruitful scientific endeavour.

But the change has come in this post-modern world. We are now experiencing the progress of absolute scientific knowledge, which is a translation from one kind of illumination to another. We have discovered the truth in the universe and can through absolute science uncover any further truth the universe has to offer.

All the answers that we seek concerning the nature of reality which has regrettably been subjected to different biased views and warped theories are now being revealed to us in a unified representation of reality in post-modern physics. The unreducable nature of space, time, light, gravity, etc. are being exposed to us in this great era of science, and in this long awaited emergence of the great scientific revolution.

So, now our confidence is reassured but on the ground of a new kind of science that ensures that we are no longer in the dark about the ways of the universe. We have now come to the very important understanding of experiential motion and not mechanistic motion. This translation in our understanding of motion will prove itself fruitful as post-modern physics progresses.

The true natural way in which motion takes place in the universe is being revealed to us. Motion is not mechanistic, it is experiential. This realization comes after you have made the important comparison between what relative science informs you about motion and what absolute science now informs you about motion.

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These two sciences treat motion differently and this goes to show us that there really is truth in the universe and we have discovered it. By asking ourselves which of the two sciences provides us with the truth, we come closer to knowing how we should properly understand the universe. And since absolute science reveals to us the unity of the universe which relative science has failed woefully to reveal, we come to realize that absolute science is the science of truth.

Science (or physics) did not fail in its quest for the unity of the cosmos, rather it is a kind of science (or physics) that failed. We must now know this. The whole crises in physics was an indication that we have come to the end of relative science and not to the end of the whole means of doing science, for we hadn’t discovered absolute science until now in Echa and Science.

Post-modern physics now assures us that contrary to what we may have thought, we can arrive at the absolute understanding of the universe. This is huge! So, we should dispel all doubts that science is not about truth or that science cannot discover the truth, therefore we must continue to make monotonous progress in the understanding of even a particular natural phenomenon.

Post-modern physics now assures us that contrary to what we may have thought, we can arrive at the absolute understanding of the universe.Click To Tweet

We are in the era of knowledge long foretold by the prophets, and (absolute) science is the only encompassing and pivotal aspect of knowledge. We are in the era of the assurance of knowledge!

So, there is truth in the universe, and we can come to the unreducable understanding of all things. This is why I call the emerging post-modern world the Kingdom of God because of the newly established base of scientific knowledge. This is a great era for mankind!

We shall interact and understand the elements according to truth and not according to vague postulations and blind assumptions, for there is truth in the universe. The universe was built on the foundation of truth and this truth is in itself divine and also scientific.

The truth of the universe is not religious or of any other facet, it is scientific, it is metaphysical and it is universal. In this post-modern era of truth, we are dealing with the true scientific nature of metaphysical reality, and there is no religious ingredient in this post-modern description of reality.

We are returning to the true spiritual base of the universe which is established on truth and that cannot be found by any other means. By realizing the truth about the universe, we are coming into contact with the Spirit of the Cosmos. We are now approaching God in a scientific way and not in a religious manner. And this is because we have come to the maturity of scientific knowledge, for science is all! 

We and the entire scientific community must come together so that we can establish the entire ramification of the new understanding of space and time that has emerged from absolute science. The era of mechanistic space and time is over, we are now in the era of experiential space and time, which are the true space and time of the universe.

We must now march boldly towards the truth, no more drawbacks and pitfalls. Truth and unity are inseparable, and since we have discovered the unity of the universe, we have also unavoidably discovered the truth in the universe.

Also, Lee Smolin in his book “The Trouble with Physics” made it clear that the problem of quantum gravity, which is the unification problem, cannot be solved without the knowledge of the true laws of the universe.

Lee Smolin was lending a voice to a general and underlying consensus in our minds. We actually know that the resolution of the unification problem cannot come unless truth exists in the universe, for without truth we cannot see the unity of the cosmos which is obvious from the way the universe appears.

So, with the resolution of the unification problem in Echa & Science, we have come to the truth. We now know the true laws upon which the universe was designed and set into eternal motion. The true operations of transcendent space and eternal time have become revealed to us in this post-modern era.

Truth does not exist in physical space and time which we used to measure and describe reality. There is a new way of understanding reality that has become open to us through the discovery of metaphysical space and time. Thus, we now know that truth is metaphysical (or spiritual), for truth is not physical in any way.

This is why the science of the last 400 years has not provided us with the truth about the universe, which in turn led to our skepticism and disbelief in ourselves to ever discover the truth. Whereas the truth exists, it is spiritual, and it is also discoverable even by us.

The discovery of the truth in this post-modern era of physics assures us, like Einstein said, that we can understand this vast universe. So, this article re-emphasizes this stand and it admonishes us to drop our doubts and become firm believers of the truth in the universe and also of the immense power of absolute science to deliver to us the truth about all things.

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– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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