The Ultimate Unification and the Reconstruction of Reality

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The ultimate unification is a thought that has been in my mind for some time now, in fact, since I completed the unification theory. When I began to see the unity of the universe (or of the heavens), I began sensing a bigger or broader significance of this unification, and it is the bigger sense of the unification of physics that has prompted me to write this article. 

For the past 6000 years, man has been in the abyss of distorted reality, but now, in this new era, there is an immense need to reconstruct reality once again, so that man may rise into the domain of eternal light.

Now, for about a century, physicists have been seeking for the unification of physics, and as you and I know, such unification would have further ramifications which would cut across other spheres of life.

This extensive effect of the unification of physics is what leads to “the ultimate unification” and the program needed for us to discover this ultimate unification is “the reconstruction of reality”.

Unification cannot be discovered without the reconstruction or correction of our prior view of the universe which would have been wrong in order to justify and explain the absence of unification in the first place.

So, as physics undergoes unification through the reconstruction of the landscape of its conflicting theories, reality which entails all we know about the world and our collective history and experience of the universe would also be undergoing a broader unification and reconstruction.

Therefore, there is a direct relationship between the evolution of science and the evolution of human society, and this direct relationship stands as the underlying theme of this great article. 

The unification of physics should not only have scientific significance but it should also affect how we see the world in a fundamental way. It should be the springboard for us to conceive and eventually see the broader unity of all things both scientific and non-scientific.

And as the physicist who seeks to see the unification of his enterprise is saddled with the responsibility of reconstructing physics, so also are we saddled with the responsibility of reconstructing reality, if we ever wish to see the broader unity of all things take effect in the human society.

The deep concern for the truth which the true scientist has should also be possessed by us all as we pursue other endeavours in the fabric of human society. We should be concerned about all truths that pertain to the respective disciplines of knowledge.

The post-modern scientist now stands as the hallmark of what a man should represent in the society as a result of the ideal of unification which science has in this new era attained. Science stands as the first aspect of knowledge to discover unity, unlike other aspects that are still burdened by conceptual and dogmatic conflicts.

Now, this discovered unity of science becomes the seed for the unity of other aspects of knowledge and for other facets of human society. The ultimate unification is more than the unification of entities that are within the domain of matter, but also about the moral and social unification of man with his fellow man and with the God of the universe.

This article informs you that the unification of physics by itself is partial and not ultimate if it does not involve or produce the broader unity of every other aspect of knowledge and which would lead to the ultimate unification.

Man is now not just experiencing the partial unification of physics, but also the broader unification of the reality in which he is immersed. The ultimate unification is the beyond scientific sense or conceptualization of unification. 

Man is now not just experiencing the partial unification of physics, but also the broader unification of the reality in which he is immersed.Click To Tweet

Physicists have been complaining and lamenting about the crisis in physics which as they think arose after the advent of quantum mechanics and relativity just in the last century. But an encompassing assessment of the situation shows that the crisis began 6000 years ago when man took the path of physicality.

The ultimate unification


And this does not only apply to physics but also to other facets of knowledge which also were plunged into crisis when man took the path of physicality. This is why the ultimate unification addresses not just physics but also the limitations of physicality and it also stretches in time beyond the last century to the beginning of physical civilization itself.

We have been applying a wrong or distorted picture of reality for millennia and this calls for a massive reconstruction of reality in order to fit the truth. The damage done to the true picture of reality can only be healed by a conscious reconstruction project of all the aspects of knowledge.

We have been applying a wrong or distorted picture of reality for millennia and this calls for a massive reconstruction of reality in order to fit the truth.Click To Tweet

This reconstruction of reality has already begun with physics and it is going to grow and affect all other aspects of knowledge. The new path of metaphysicality which man has now chosen to take after 6000 years is going to be what transforms our knowledge base, thus influencing a change in all aspects of knowledge, not just science or physics.

This is why I usually refer to this new world as the post-modern world so that it correlates with the new era of post-modern physics. As our perspective of science changes so also should our perspective of our socio-cultural relations change.

The discovered unity of the heavens should also apply to human society. This, I think, is a more pronounced representation of the ultimate unification. As implied afore, the unification of physics is not a sufficient goal in itself of it does not motivate a broader unification beyond the domain of science.

The new path of metaphysicality which has begun with physics informs us no longer of physical space and time which the hands can touch but of transcendent space and eternal time which the hands cannot touch, for “flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God”.

How further emphatic can I become? How further exposing can I make of the new world? Physics is pointing us in a direction before unpredicted, and the result of the adherence to this new path is nothing short of a universal society that matches what could only be the ideals of the fragmented societies of before.

The beauty of science can only become more evident in the well-cultured spirit of the society. The beauty of science is a reflection of the spirit of the society, so it is important that we realize the inseparable humanistic ingredients of scientific evolution.

Science should reflect the man and the man should reflect the science, for both are inter-dependent. This is what the ultimate unification informs us and which is emerging from the reconstruction of reality that is now based on metaphysicality and not physicality.

We have now come to the end of physical reality, and not just the end of physical science, and have now come to the beginning of metaphysical reality, and not just the beginning of metaphysical science. The broader significance of the first ever true scientific unification is the ultimate unification of reality.

Everything we can comprehend of the universe, we must comprehend to the absolute extent, and no other extent will be satisfactory. Knowledge is our divine birthright and it is the means by which we become truly “born again”, for the truth that “knowledge transforms” is the third doctrine of the cosmos.

We have to really begin to see the broader and deeper significance of knowledge which is beyond its common conception as an element of the mind. Knowledge is the only means by which the divine comes down to us, and the long foretold prophecies of the latter times are all pointing at the transformative power of knowledge than of any from above intervention.

The ultimate unification is about the whole world coming together in the spirit and the unity of the new science, for there is a beautiful world I see laying on the foundation of absolute scientific knowledge. The vision of this world everyday spurs me to continue to build this great blog and I will.

Reality now has to be reconstructed using the elements of metaphysicality. The elements of physicality which has possessed our minds of the last 6000 years are now losing their grips and giving way for the elements of metaphysicality to possess our minds.

Reality now has to be reconstructed using the elements of metaphysicality.Click To Tweet

The true metaphysical knowledge from which reality itself proceeds shall be what now spurs and inspires us as we produce an ultimately unified world. All facets of human society so far touched by physicality shall now be touched and transformed by metaphysicality.

Man came from a great past and he is going to a greater future, and this article stands as one of the testimonies of this divine promise. There are no more shadows and blind pitfalls in civilization, for man now stands aware of the path to immortality.

Man has now finally risen from the dead, by giving up the path of physical knowledge and embracing the path of metaphysical knowledge of which its portal has been closed for 6000 years. It is from this great and long foretold event that a new gospel now arises that preaches knowledge and not salvation, for how can God be saved.

The new world is about the increase of divine knowledge by which all of us can bear the mark of God and be true citizens of the universal civilization.

The metaphysical reconstruction of reality which leads to the ultimate unification is teaching us how to see space and time beyond the proportions and the cycles of heaven. We are now being called to see the true transcendent space that set the proportion of heaven and the eternal time that governs the cycles of heaven.

This is a tremendous leap in thought and also in being. We are going to the root of reality, and this new way will transform our world in ways I myself can only imagine.

God is now the new Sun and His proportions are what we now observe and make of space, and not the proportions of heaven, while His cycles are what we now observe and make of time, and not the cycles of heaven; and His kingdom which has now risen from the East shall never set, never.

The prior unifications which have emerged from physics before now were centred on unifying the physical universe of our own creation and not the metaphysical universe of God’s creation. There is now a fundamental translation in our approach to the unification problem.

To unify or to discover the unity of God’s metaphysical universe constitutes the ultimate unification, for no unity whatsoever can be found in man’s physical universe that is plagued with all manner of innate conceptual errors.

The reconstruction of reality is the result of the descension of God’s universe, which now crushes the universe of our own creation. Our naive and inapplicable principles are being replaced by the more informed principles of the universe that go deep and are the bedrocks of the newly revealed metaphysical reality.

So, the new principles by which we are now reconstructing reality do not apply to the physical universe, they only apply to the metaphysical universe from which they spring. We are now practitioners of the ethereal science of creation.

And as I have said, the unification of physics is the unification of the metaphysical universe and not of the physical universe, and this goes to show that the reconstruction of reality is only necessary because of our adherence to the physical universe.

If we approach the metaphysical universe there is no instance of disharmony or distortion. A whole complete picture of the cosmos emerges at once and in a natural manner.

So, we must not seek any longer for any fictitious unity that may be found in the physical universe, for such unity falls short of the ultimate unification. With our eyes set on the ultimate unification, let us proceed to accomplish whatever fulfilment it can bring to our collective existence on Earth.

No longer shall space and time stand apart, or light and gravity, or one man and another man, or man and God, for the ultimate unification takes its root in science, in man and in God.

There is a new way to understand the universe, there is a new way we can experience the cosmos and the reconstruction of reality is what presents us with the roadmap to these possibilities.

Our frame of understanding has shifted already from being man centred to being God centred. We no longer follow the space and time of our own perception but the space and time of God’s perception.

And while for now this move has assisted us in writing the true laws upon which the universe was designed, we are hopeful that in due time we all shall come to the direct and conscious experience of God’s space and time (which even now are the space and time we experience in the universe but we are only now becoming aware of them).

So, there is now a great accomplishment which is the ultimate unification and there is a chance for a greater accomplishment which is the conscious experience of the new science, when the new science will come home to us and become a daily part of our conscious experience.

The progress so far in science has been an ascending one, from the plane of physical knowledge to the plane of metaphysical knowledge. We have explored the physical as children, but now let’s explore the metaphysical as people mature in mind.

Also, one may ask, do we really experience physical space and time or physicality as we have been made to think? I don’t think so. The physical world is the only world we know about and for this reason, it becomes very difficult to really criticize it. But a closer look at physical reality shows that it is abysmally false. We don’t experience physical space and time (which are the basic entities of physical reality).

A physicist in his lab takes a measurement of space using meter sticks and he is convinced that he has measured space, and when he takes a measurement of time using clocks he is convinced that he has measured time. He then proceeds to model the universe on his gotten values or measurements.

But has he really measured or represented these entities in their true understanding? A sincere physicist knows that his measurements do not really constitute the essence of space and of time. They are just measurements following his own standards set on matter. There is no proof whatsoever that his physical space and time exist in reality.

What space and time are are really beyond numbers, they are experiential entities with real character and we must understand them as such. Reducing them to just figures is a regrettable condition of physical reality. The physical space and time of our own creation cannot represent the true character of space and time.

Also, have we not gotten to the point where we are now tired of numerical data which provides us with no true understanding of the universe. The quantitative nature of space and time is a property we imposed on space and time by ourselves, but the reconstruction of reality informs us that space and time are experiential entities.

Physical reality which informs us of a quantitative universe is now giving way for metaphysical reality which now informs us of an experiential universe. Both perceptions of the cosmos are fundamentally different and contrary to each other.

We no longer understand the universe as standardised spatial intervals imprinted on matter, but as the distinct experiential characters of the cosmic entities which cannot be imprinted on matter. No more standardized imprints, in fact, no more matter based understanding of the universe.

We have for so long being hindered from understanding the true nature of reality because of our dependence on matter. We could not conceive of the true nature of the cosmic entities which are independent of matter, but now this long dependence on matter is being dissolved in the new light of metaphysical science. 

This is one of the primary accomplishment of the reconstruction of reality. We are now moving beyond our dependence on matter. Newton attempted to move us in this direction but he couldn’t complete the task, but he, however, left us with his simple bucket experiment as a proof of this possible experience of the world.

The ultimate unification is not based on our application of matter, but on the purer understanding of the ethereal nature of the universe. This is why the ultimate unification calls for discernment and not some blind and cold application of data that we do not know how they arise in the first place. The ultimate unification can only be discerned and by a new kind of science.

The ultimate unification is not based on our application of matter, but on the purer understanding of the ethereal science of creation.Click To Tweet

Discernment is now the new way of attaining knowledge as we further reconstruct reality, and it is the much-needed tool required for us to reconstruct reality independent of matter. We must let go of this our one-way approach of understanding the universe, and realize that the ultimate unification is laid on the substrate of the ethereal nature of the universe. 

Our former method of understanding the universe based on our pragmatic application of matter is no longer tenable as a new way of understanding the universe based on the discerned application of the ethereal character of the cosmic entities now applies.

This new method is what confronts our old pragmatic way of understanding the universe and it is presenting to us the method of discerning the cosmos. Discernment now characterizes the new spirit of science and it is a more rest assured way of attaining true knowledge. 

Whatever be the case I want you to see the two sides of the same coin. On one side is the science of our own creation based on a pragmatic approach to things while on the other side is the true science of the universe based on the approach of discernment.

I argue that the pragmatic science based on physical space and time is the science of our own creation which is non-existent in reality because there is obviously another kind of science and reality can only be from one of the sciences and not both.

Also and finally, the now achieved ultimate unification of all things within and beyond science stands as a testament of the veracity of the metaphysical science which can only be discerned and which shows us the way to the reconstruction of reality.

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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