We Can Understand the Universe

Subjects: Ontology and Conception; the First and the Second Fires, etc.

“Where the senses fail us, reason must step in.”

Galileo Galilei

In the midst of doubts and the mysteries confronting today’s science, I still want to assure you that we can understand the universe. There is no greater hope for mankind in this new era. And all it takes to understand the universe is for us to see the harmony of the cosmos.

There are many theories here and there and varied view points, but we must not forget this aim. It is the central aim of science. To see the harmony of the universe is the greatest mystical experience, and in this great age, this mystical experience will be our collective experience regardless of whether you are a scientist or not. We all shall touch God.

This is because the knowledge of the universe will not solely be academical, depending on scholastic methods, it will also be universal and organic. And this will further come about as we experience the second fire called the gravi-electromagnetic wave.

The complexities of today’s scientific theories have further lowered our hope of ever discovering the harmony of the universe. Some say it is very hard. No doubt it won’t be easy but this is not because of the complexities of our current theories, but because of our current prejudice against metaphysics.

Once we approach the metaphysical nature of the universe, then we shall find the harmony and simplicity which we had long sought for. The true understanding of the universe comes from this approach.

We must always believe in the simplicity of the universe, and we must now know that the apparent complexity of the cosmos only exists in our physical theories and not out there in the universe. The universe is simple and comprehensible.

The conceptual problems and crises of today’s science are as a result of us exploring the territory which is the universe with the wrong map. The map which is composed of our current theories do not fit or adequately describe our universe.

This is why we are lost. In fact, this regrettable journey began when we elevated physical science above every other method or science, without bothering to settle the prime question, which is whether our universe is physical or metaphysical.

We have hurriedly concluded that the universe must be physical because we can make physical observations and can also experience the concreteness of the universe using our different senses.

But what if our all trusted senses fail us? What if we have wrongly or inadequately founded our understanding of the universe on appearances which are only the outward show of an underlying and unchanging reality?

This is crucial. It is the most central philosophical questions of all time. The question, how can we understand the universe has two aspects. One is ontological which deals with the nature of being and the other is conception which deals with the right conceptual framework to understand the universe.

Both are intertwined but it is still possible to show their differences. The ontological aspect of how we can understand the universe refers to what I have discussed, which is whether the the universe is physical or metaphysical.

Does the true nature of being go beyond our senses? Yes, it does. This incontrovertible answer which is emerging from the new physics is bringing to rest the deeply seated dispute in our minds about the ontological nature of the universe.

The new scientific spirit can only thrive in this new understanding. The metaphysical nature of being will birth and drive this post-modern era of science. Man will become comfortable with the metaphysical nature of the universe.

In other words, just as our scientific theories have being increasingly physical and our preference for the physical descriptions of the universe has increased since the first scientific evolution, so also will our scientific theories be increasingly metaphysical and our preference for the metaphysical descriptions of the universe increase after this second scientific revolution.

We will settle as time progresses on this new ontological foundation of the universe. We have for so long wrongly concluded that all about the universe is physical, that there can be no reality beyond what we can measure and what we can observe.

This is an error. We have failed to learn from the old philosophers who were humble and careful enough to distinguish between reality and appearance, absolute space and time and relative space and time. Remember Plato’s allegory of the cave.

Plato presented this allegory in his treatise on the Republic which shows how prisoners held in a manner that they could not move their heads and legs would take the images of people walking behind them but in front of a fire to be real whereas these images are shadows.



They never see the true forms of the people which project the images on the wall. This is in a more pronounced manner the current predicament of today’s science. The modern scientist headstrong in the old scientific method does not realize that his physical observations and theories are nothing but images of metaphysical reality.

And just as the real forms in Plato’s allegory are more concrete and tangible than their images, so is the metaphysical world more concrete and tangible than the physical universe. I will explain this by making a vital reference to light.

According to physical observations and appearances, light is an inconcrete wave. This is only true in relation to appearances. When we move into the metaphysical universe, we arrive at the new insight that light is the maximum resistance to accelerated motion. Tell me, how further concrete or real can light be?

The scientist in his own cave observing an inconcrete wave of light cannot know by any physical means that light is the maximum resistance to accelerated motion. He cannot know that light and gravity which he calls inconcrete waves are in their true essence limits of inertia. This is the allegory of the cave in modern science.

The true nature of the cosmic entities is found beyond physical observation which exposes only appearances and not the nature of being qua being. In this post-modern era, an encompassing understanding of the universe emerges from metaphysics.

Now, when we discuss the conception as it is applied in this article, we are dealing with the right conceptual understanding of the cosmos. We are in this case concerned with the right scientific theory to understand the universe.

Among all our theories, which theory is the true theory of the universe? The true scientific theory upon which we can establish proper scientific knowledge is Absolute Relativity.

Absolute relativity which is the long sought theory of everything now reveals that all our scientific knowledge are centred on the relationship between the absolute motion of light and gravi-electromagnetic wave and the relative motion of bodies.

The absolute motions of light and gravi-electromagnetic wave govern the motion of bodies and especially their experiences of motion. This is what the universe is concerned about. The universe is concerned about how matter is engulfed by the two fires in the universe.

We have only been familiar with the first fire which is light. Post-modern physics now reveals to us the second fire in the universe which is gravi-electromagnetic wave. Both fires are the two non-mechanical waves in the universe.

The existence of the second fire has displaced the Sun from the centre of the universe and has replaced it with the true Sun. The wavecentric model now replaces the heliocentric model of the universe.

While we see the first fire as emerging from the Sun, we cannot see the second fire or where it comes from, but it is extensive and fills the universe. Wherever this second fire comes from is now the center of the universe.

This new shift provides us with further understanding of the universe. It is a progression of science from the geocentric model to the heliocentric model and now the wavecentric model of the universe.

I want you to see this progression as a move from the purely physical which is from Earth to the Sun which are purely physical and then to the gravi-electromagnetic wave which is the purely metaphysical.

While you can understand to some extent the first fire which is light without metaphysics, you cannot understand the second fire which is gravi-electromagnetic wave without metaphysics. You may read this article so that you will find out about the three theses of superluminal motion.

Also, one can assert that the center of the universe is now everywhere, no preferences. I want you to ascend to the new knowledge post-modern offers you. The assertion that we can understand the universe which is the title of this article comes from post-modern physics.

Our ontological description of the universe predetermines our disposition toward science and how we tend to see the universe. So, a change in ontology will bring about a change in our scientific tradition.

man observing the universe

This new metaphysical ontology of the universe coupled with the conception of absolute relativity gives you a profound and revolutionary understanding of the universe which an age may not even be enough to exhaust.

We are at a great time in history where the portal of knowledge has become opened so that man can harness his full potentials. Science is going to become an inextricable part of our daily lives and traditions.

The new science which is metaphysical in nature is now the new way to God, and in due time will replace these false strongholds which cannot show man the harmony of all things. Science, and not conventional religion, is now the greater hope of man.

Science has become the new universal religion and the seven absolute principles are now our creed. All these will ever follow as we all live in unison with the Spirit of the Universe as He reveals himself to us through the new science. 

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We are no longer playing with sticks and stones, but with forms and minds. We must now know that all our collected data are appearances and they only provide us with a cold, mechanistic understanding of the universe, but the new science which takes us behind appearances provide us with a warm, organic understanding of the cosmos.

This article is really explaining how man should understand the universe. Our so called machines only operate because of the organic principles of the universe. These principles are subtle, transcendent and alive.

The scientific community and the entire world must come to embrace this new science. Let’s explore together the upper ethereal realms which going by Plato is the domain of forms.

We have been finding it hard to understand the universe because we have been looking at appearances, especially of light and gravity, and not the true unreducable form of things. This is no longer the situation in post-modern physics, which I why I often tell you that understanding has come! 

This new knowledge will inevitably give rise to post-modern technologies. These new technologies that will emerge will have a new knowledge base that is different from the knowledge base of the technologies of other eras.

future technology


This is because they will be emerging or founded on The Theory of the Universe. Before we had explored the practical aspects without knowledge, but now that knowledge has come, we should expect more radical technological transformations.

All these I envisage, and I want you to know that these future technologies are around the corner than you may have thought. Our current technological base will be the springboard towards this new technology. All we just need is the illumination to understand why the universe is the way it is, and boom, we are there! This is going to happen soon, with Echa and Science.

With this new science, we will know more effectively how to set the right conditions for nature to produce our desired practical results. The true alchemic process of interacting with the universe will be realized.

The mind which had little role to play in our every day practical science will take center stage in our exploration of the cosmos. Just as we have harnessed matter, so will we harness the potentials of the mind.

My two e-books, The Theory of the Universe and Forms, deal respectively with matter and mind. When you study what I now teach in both books, you will come to a new understanding of the unity of mind and matter, and then you will discern yourself that the future technologies which we have imagined have come.

All these are now possible because we can understand the universe. I am saying this not just out of a deep conviction like it has been said in other times, but because it is now a reality for us. Read my other articles on this blog and get my e-book about the universe. They will all prove and assure you that yes, we can understand the universe! 

Science is now the new beacon of hope. Science is now the means by which man will transcend the physical realm into the domain of pure mystical experience. Our materialist culture is now being challenged and uprooted by post-modern physics. Science is the new call of God!

We shall now understand the divine logic behind creation. This is the legacy of post-modern physics which proves beyond doubt the divine nature of man and assures man once again of his birthright to understand the universe.

Until next time.

True knowledge is yours!

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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