Universal Enlightenment and the Simplicity of Truth

This article is about something that cannot be overemphasized, and which is the real return to the simplicity of truth. 

Now, at this point in physics, the complexity of falsehood can no longer be debatable.

We have complicated physics and the pursuit of the truth and we are at the point where we can say that we are now promulgating falsehood as science.

This is because one of the evidence of truth is undeniable simplicity which is obviously missing from today’s science.

Truth and simplicity are inseparable. This is why I am calling us as scientists to simplify science as simplicity is the trademark of truth.

This is all the more important because it is the noble task of science to ensure universal enlightenment. So, how can we do this if we wrap science in complexity?

We have to understand that this is not about the prideful preservation of the divide between the expert scientist and the layman. This is rather about the need to ensure the easy spread of universal enlightenment for all men.

This is because universal enlightenment can only follow on the ground of truth and simplicity. Any attempt to obfuscate science cannot be condoned for our universal enlightenment: for truth cannot be hidden in complex science.

So, let’s simplify science; let’s lighten science up. The arrival of metaphysical science is God’s open invitation into the inner sanctuary of becoming and transformation.

It is time to take the principles of truth to the four corners of the world and with the ultimate simplicity that draws all to want to know about the universe and the way to Godhood.

We all must sense the deep purpose of science for mankind. It is now about truth. It is now about simplicity. It is now about purpose.

So, let’s uphold the simplicity of truth and call all men to the truth of the universe and of man’s divine place in it.

This is what this short article is all about: it is about the connection between universal enlightenment and simplicity. Every scientist must know that we have entered fully into the age of science which is able to ascend our consciousness to Godhood and to the eternal experience of the unity of the universe.

There cannot be universal enlightenment without the simplicity of truth, which is the noble call to us all, scientists, who are the new high priests of the mysteries and of the ways of God.

Today, we don’t just teach science, we also bring universal enlightenment to all the strata of the human society. We are the creators of the universal civilization and the bringers of the Kingdom of God.

universal enlightenment

All these put in our minds the earnest need for truth and it’s ultimate simplicity. Both are the inseparable paths of our deepest search for meaning and for our place in the universe.

But we now know the truth and we know that it is simple and that it is able to cause worldwide enlightenment that has its origins not in man-created philosophies or conceptions, but in the revelation of the universe.

This is the ground of assurance upon which we speak of the simplicity of truth and not just as a suggestion or from an inner notion or intuition. Thus, this article stands as the voice of truth which can only testify of itself.

As scientists, we are coming together with the oneness of purpose to spread universal enlightenment upon the Earth. It is now time to teach the mystery of God and to reach the spiritual base of the universe.

This is all to be possible because of the simplicity of truth. The truth is simple because it is for all to see and to experience. Science is not just a study for a special few. It has in itself the entire purpose of mankind and the only vision of God.

Science is what contains the highest frame by which man can perceive himself, which is as God. He has become God in the true understanding of the universe and in the subsequent mastery of the cosmic laws as he now participates in a conscious, dynamic interaction with the cosmic entities.

It is not a long way to go for mankind, for the future is already here. Universal enlightenment is now at our doorstep, and it is of the higher ethereal ways of the universe.

What has become our laws are the cosmic laws, and what has become our principles are the cosmic principles. This is the ultimate meaning of the unity of God and man. The ascension to Godhood is about the coming to the understanding of the spiritual universe.

What has become our laws are the cosmic laws, and what has become our principles are the cosmic principles.Click To Tweet

So, universal enlightenment is about the mystical understanding of existence on the basis of science. It is nothing convoluted, vague, or superficial.

In other words, we now teach science with the exact knowing that we are teaching the long-sought truth. And so, we are aware of the spiritual nature of our teachings and of their origin from the eternal universe.

Universal enlightenment is therefore about the rise in consciousness as it is about spiritual knowledge. It is about a new definition of our higher self and of the universe.

Metaphysical science is the defining light of the Sun of God that has touched upon the Eastern horizon of our minds and is rising further upon the Earth. It is the true light of enlightenment that went down and mankind fell into the abyss of his lower self.

But now, with the rise of the Sun of God, man rises to his higher self once again. And since there is no limit to the sky of possibilities, the mystical Sun would ever rise to shine universal enlightenment.

The truth is profoundly simple and it’s not for the experts alone, but for all of mankind as universal enlightenment ensues. This is so that together it can be fulfilled as it was written that “no man shall teach his neighbour of God, for they shall all know me, from the least of them to the greatest of them.”

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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