THE THEORY OF THE UNIVERSE: Absolute Relativity (e-guide)

The Theory of the Universe - ebookABSTRACT

The central premise of string theory maintains that the universe consists of tiny vibrating strings, and the widely purported M-theory has shown that 11-spacetime dimensions unifies the five disparate string theories and could lead to the unification of physics. However, the attempts so far of string theory have failed to attain this unification because it recognizes like the rest of physics only the dimensions of spacetime which are established on orthogonality. Now, this enquiry attains this unification by proposing alongside the aspects of dimensions the new aspects of forms which are not established on orthogonality, and thus propose the existence of two forms of space with the same corresponding signatures for the three dimensions of motion and two forms of time with the same signature. So, without been encumbered by multiplicity of dimensions and complex mathematical abstractions this simple theoretically proposed variant of string theory provides a second methodology based on new sets of axioms for describing relativity which crucially engenders a twofold unification on solely the Euclidean basis of the motion of ponderable and electrical bodies; and of uniform and accelerated motions. It also redefines the crucial aspects of empirical science such as space, time, light, gravity etc. in manners that satisfactorily rationalize their emergent manifestations in our current one form of space and time physics. This treatise resolves the mystery of dark energy and the conceptual problem of quantum gravity for it unifies physics which is presently described by the two incompatible theories of general relativity and quantum mechanics.


The Theory of the Universe is a treatise comparable in style only to the Principia in that it consists of three inseparable parts or books outlined below:

Book I: The Principles of Motion for Ponderable (Non-charged) Bodies

Book II: The Principles of Motion for Electrical (Charged) Bodies

Book III: The Structure of Atoms and Galaxies.


This treatise ends the search for the unified field theory and opens the portal to the true understanding of the universe. It answers all questions about the universe and introduces the new philosophy of absolute relationism which gives birth to the new era of post-modern physics. It is a complete description of the cosmos in one package. This singular treatise is going to provide you a quantum leap in your understanding of all things and its expositions are clearly mathematical and satisfy the conditions of rigorous science. From this treatise you will learn about:

  • Absolute space and time
  • Inertia
  • Light and gravity
  • Mass
  • The three laws or axioms for ponderable (non-charged) bodies
  • The three laws or axioms for electrical (charged) bodies
  • Five of the seven absolute principles of the universe
  • Higher forms of momentum, force, and energy
  • Gravi-electromagnetism
  • The foundation of quantum mechanics
  • Quantum entanglement
  • Consciousness
  • The Double-slit experiment
  • The true structure of the atom
  • Radioactivity
  • etc.

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