What the New Age Now Really Means

It is quite funny how it took me some time to begin this article, even this introductory paragraph took a long time to form unlike how it is for most of my articles. Nevertheless, I have decided to talk about the New Age and what it now really means in this article and I will be careful to only address and consider what I think are the central and relevant points.

The reason why I have decided to carefully limit my discourse only to what I consider central and important is because of how diverse and eclectic the New Age beliefs and practices are, most of which are not relevant to the new science and to this post-modern world.

Note: The term “new science” as it is used in this article and in any of my articles is simply another way of referring to post-modern physics.

But the aim of the article remains to clearly define the New Age incorporating only its relevant beliefs which have only found importance in their prior existence before the obvious emergence of the post-modern world and not because of their somewhat religious interpretations.

Now, I sometimes use the term “New Age” to make it clear that man has really entered a new age, that we are experiencing a transition of time that is importantly related to science and that is of utmost significance for the future and the collective well-being of mankind.

But I am also aware that the “New Age” is not a new term, it has been in use for a long time, and in fact, it is a term that has become greatly associated with the New Age Movement which began in Western Europe in the 1970s.

The New Age Movement is seen as the wide range of religious beliefs and practices that are based on the older teachings of people like Emanuel Swedenborg, Franz Mesmer, Carl Jung, Helena Blavatsky (who founded the theosophical society), and many others. And this is as some describe the New Age as some form of western esotericism.

While practitioners or adherents of the New Age do not see it as anything religious but prefer that it be seen as something spiritual, the truth was that it had a religious outlook. I use the past tense “was” because it is only now that the New Age has taken a real spiritual and scientific outlook.

I use the term “New Age” because of my personal experiences of the new metaphysical science and to indicate that science has climbed to a new level of revolution that is unlike what it had before.

So, the “New Age” is a term that I apply for complete scientific reasons but at the same time, I cannot hide my fascination for the “New Age” culture and its beliefs of which two are very central and relevant and that extend into what the New Age could mean in this post-modern world.

These two central and relevant beliefs of the New Age are:

1. The belief in the spirituality of all things. You can refer to this as the belief in holistic spirituality, which entails God, man and the universe.

2. The belief in the unity of science and spirituality. You can refer to this as the belief in scientific spirituality.

These two beliefs are, to me, the greatest underlying beliefs of the New Age and it is what remains even in this post-modern era of mankind. They are also why I am fascinated by the New Age culture and why I was prompted to write this article, to give once and for all what the New Age now really means.

Why these two beliefs of the New Age are special to me is because they relate with the nature of the new spiritual science that has come upon the Earth. The new science reveals to us that the universe is spiritual and it shows us how. And this also results in the expected union of science and spirituality.

Thus, the new science is a synthesis of the two great beliefs of the New Age outlined above. And what the New Age now really means is simply the belief in holistic and scientific spirituality as exposed in the new science.

What the New Age now really means is simply the belief in holistic and scientific spirituality as exposed in the new science.Click To Tweet

The new science, as I have said, is another way of referring to post-modern physics and you must understand that the spirituality being referred to is the one that the new science now reveals and not any other that may be of a religious nature.

The new definition of the New Age is important because it is now founded unlike it couldn’t be before and it is what characterizes our time. Also, this new definition is unifying and important, considering how hard it had been to define the New Age because of its many different beliefs and practices.

The New Age is about the new scientific base upon which civilization must now stand. No amount of emphasis will be enough for the new scientific content of the New Age. This is so that it doesn’t have a religious outlook like it did in the past modern world.

When I refer to the New Age as being about a holistic and scientific spirituality, you must understand that the scientific element refers to actual entities that are objects of scientific investigation even before now. And by objects of scientific investigation, I am referring to light, gravity, space, time, etc.

It is in the new spiritual view of these entities and of the other elements of the universe that we derive what is called scientific spirituality. It must not be misconstrued to involve or refer to any kind of religious objects such as angels, mediums, rituals, etc. some of which their religious interpretations are what are more in doubt.

So, the spirituality of the universe that I now discuss involves real scientific objects and not religious objects. This must be properly understood from this article as it is what now serves as the spiritual base of the New Age.

Before now, the central beliefs of the New Age were mostly vague and were not grounded in their professions, in that they could be easily debated. They appeared as religious notions that seemed to have a scientific future, and this is easy to think considering how the New Age seemed to distance itself from religion.

But the actual nature of the spiritual science of the New Age was not revealed until now. So, looking at the beliefs of the New Age, it is beautiful to see how they now surprisingly align with the nature of the new science which informs us that the universe is spiritual and that scientific spirituality exists.

The symbol of the triangle

You know, before, when it is said that the universe is spiritual, it is easy for one to begin to conjure religious objects in his/her mind not knowing that this spirituality is about the scientific objects that are around him like space, time, light, gravity, matter etc. And this is because only scientific objects exist in the universe.

Only scientific objects exist in the universe.Click To Tweet

The spiritual nature or definitions of these things were hidden until now and it is because of their revelation that I speak of the New Age. Science and spirituality could not find their union before, and this made the tenets and the beliefs of the New Age at most religious.

But it is no longer so. The two core beliefs of the New Age, as outlined above, have found their real underpinning in the science that is inherently spiritual and that aligns with its beliefs. We now see the scientific spirituality of the universe and this new possibility is what now defines the New Age. This is why the definition of the New Age is apt.

The New Age is an important consciousness we all must have and this is also why this article is very important. We all must now see non-religious nature of the New Age and march together in the unity of knowledge, knowing that the universe is a spiritual place and this is as described by the new science and not by religion.

I have not just written this article to show my awareness of the prior existence of the New Age or of the linguistic use of it, but to also show my surprise to how the outlined beliefs of the New Age align with the beliefs of the post-modern world about the scientific spirituality of universe.

Also, the New Age is not about a spiritual culture that arose in the 1970s or in the 18th-century, rather it is about a spiritual culture that is as old as man. This is why I sometimes do not think that I am teaching about something new, but about a wisdom that is older than the pyramids.

The New Age is about the eternal wisdom of the universe and this wisdom is profoundly spiritual. And it has been the wind blowing upon the world since the first renaissance and the recent rise in the New Age culture and which has now found full manifestation today.

Mankind has left the modern world, we are now in the post-modern world, and the spiritual beliefs of the New Age which seemed vague and unfounded before have become the foundation of the post-modern world.

So, no one who believes that the universe is physical and that science cannot be spiritual will ever find understanding. This belief system which the old science had was what made the New Age seem like a religious idea or some vague belief system.

Therefore, considering the new emergence of the post-modern world, one is forced to see the prior emergence of the New Age Movement as what heralded it. The New Age Movement has always been about a world where science and spirituality are one. It is the future that many before us had seen but the old science being physical fell short of it.

And it is by the arrival of the new science that is spiritual that the New Age Movement or culture becomes defined, refined and organized. Thus, the many different organizations, sects and cults should all now come together to involve the whole of mankind. For the New Age is now a universal culture.

This collective involvement of mankind is to practice metaphysical science and not any kind of religious ritual or rite. According to the new definition, the New Age is scientific and it is spiritual and it is so in clearly defined terms and practices.

The many elements of religion which found their way in the New Age no longer exist and the New Age is simply about the age of the practice of metaphysical science in clearly defined scientific terms. This cannot be over-emphasized.

The New Age is simply about the age of the practice of metaphysical science in clearly defined scientific terms.Click To Tweet

While I believe that the New Age even with its new definition will progress to involve other beliefs and outlooks, what is important is that they will all be founded on one unifying metaphysical science that I now teach. The New Age will continue its progress on the foundation of the new science.

This is the precedence I laid in the relationship between my first e-book The Treatise and my second e-book on Forms. Though Forms takes us to the study or investigation of the more esoteric levels of reality such as the Mind, it does so building from what has already been written in The Treatise about the metaphysical laws of the universe that govern less esoteric phenomena.

Forms is more esoteric than The Treatise, but it still builds from what has been said or done in The Treatise. This is how we will approach the New Age study of esoteric phenomena, from a scientific and less esoteric basis so as to limit the wild eclectic nature of the New Age beliefs to only things that are scientific and also true.

That is how the new science now sets boundaries and clearly defines what is New Age and what is not; it provides the right scientific language for describing esoteric phenomena, and the new science now determines how the New Age will progress in its beliefs from now henceforth.

The New Age has always had a hidden appended question of what it means, in that when we say the New Age, one may ask the New Age of what? But now we are informed that it is the New Age of spiritual science, two words that were before contrary to one another but that now fly in “unified conformation”.

The spirituality of the universe and of science are what I have discovered myself before I came into contact with the New Age, and then I realized that these discoveries are aligned with two of the New Age beliefs which I have pointed out.

This realisation is what has led to me to inform you of what the New Age really means based on the exact of view of scientific spirituality which wasn’t before. As a result, the New Age can be seen as another term for the post-modern age or for the post-modern world.

Also, I do not consider the New Age as a movement for the actualization of ecumenism or the synthesis of the world’s religions. I only see the New Age as being about the synthesis of science and spirituality and about whatever may directly follow from this. Any other focus does not align with the new meaning of the New Age.

The New Age can then be defined as the belief in scientific and holistic spirituality, and this definition is in no way vague, rather it is a new definition that is based on the nature of scientific spirituality as exposed in post-modern physics.

Finally, one can see the New Age as only just a term that could describe or be applied to the post-modern world as the new science has birthed it without considering the history or the historical beliefs of the New Age, but would that not be some form of injustice to the post-modern world which have had its early appearance in the latter end of the world before.

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

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