Why Eternity Is Not the Absence of Time

In this remarkable article, I want to present the truth which goes against the general understanding we have of eternity. The concept of eternity is a very fascinating concept that has caught the attention of many philosophers, theologians, scientists, mystics, etc. who have in their own way talked and presented what they think of it.

This is as the concept of eternity is the concern of the general public, many who think of eternity as an experience that follows the afterlife. No doubt, many got this thinking from their various religions, some of which also teaches that God dwells in eternity.

But what is this whole idea of eternity? How should we really think of the concept of eternity? This is why I have decided to write this article, to address these very related questions.

One common opinion or consensus we have of eternity is that it is the realm or plane of no time, that is, we think of eternity as the absence of time. According to this general opinion which is assisted and reinforced by what the referred experts say about eternity, time does not exist in eternity, so there is no sense or experience of it.

This particular notion of eternity as the absence of time is what I want to inform you is wrong. Now, imagine a world without time. Don’t bother, it is not possible. This general impossibilty to imagine a world without time is so underestimated but it shouldn’t be so.

There is something about our natural intuition and imagination that any idea or concept that they cannot represent or imagine has to be false or baseless in reality. This is true; for the truth is imaginable.

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And besides the new revelation that the truth is imaginable, we have to understand the absolute, fundamental importance of time at all levels of reality that we may conceive or that is true. Time and also space are not in any way man-made constructs, and by this, I refer to their true nature.

A physicist understands the absolute, fundamental importance of time, and I think, more than any other expert, a physicist would be the last to consider a world without time because he at least knows the importance of time for understanding the universe and also the shock that comes with the possible absence of time.

We must now come to understand that eternity does not imply or refer to the absence of time, but to the presence of metaphysical time. I will soon proceed to explicate this assertion. Time exists at whatever domain of reality we can imagine; it is an absolute, fundamental component of reality.

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There are two kinds of time man can take note of. The first is physical time and the second is metaphysical time. So far, man has only known of physical time, which is not exactly the true nature of time but the time which we created ourselves.

Physical time that we represent or build as clocks and that we hang on the walls of our houses and offices does not exist out there in the universe. Many physicists are aware of this already, especially when they make the pronouncement that timing is not time.

But they still relied on physical time because no other kind of time could be deduced, discovered or attributed. However, this doesn’t stop physical time from being false and non-existent in the universe and it doesn’t mean that we can’t move away from physical time.

The real-time in the universe is metaphysical time and it is the time of eternity. Eternity is not the absence of time or the non-flow of time, rather it is the domain of metaphysical time. And since this time is the natural time of the universe, then it implies that we and the universe already exist in eternity.

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Thus, there is no need to wait for the afterlife or for the experience of “Heaven”. Eternity is all around us and we have to discover this and ascend therewith. This is why the “apocalypse” is upon us, knowing that the apocalypse means “the revelation”.

It is important to know that for the first time man is being brought to the understanding of metaphysical time which was hidden from him all this while. Man is being brought to eternity exactly in this manner and in no other manner that many of the world’s religions suppose.

Mental ascension is the way to eternity and not some expected physical ascension or afterlife. We have to rid ourselves of our religious bias and realize the transformative power of knowledge and its capacity to bring eternity to us.

We now have to further understand the newly revealed metaphysical time and in so doing move farther away from physical time which holds us back in the bondage of death. It is high time we understood eternity as the presence of metaphysical time and not the absence of time.

Why eternity is not the absence of time is because physical time which is the wrong time being referred to is not all there is to time. There is another kind of time in the universe which I call metaphysical time and we cannot by any means further suggest that eternity is the absence of it. Rather we can say that eternity is the presence of metaphysical time.

The universe does not move according to our clocks or physical time; the universe moves in accordance with metaphysical time. And the time has come for us to move together with the universe, especially with her consciousness of time.

It is now right for man to harmonize with the universe in the consciousness of time. Eternity is around us; it is not far away.

This metaphysical time which I speak of is scientific, in the sense that because of it, we have now become able to understand the universe. Our adherence or creation of physical time hindered us from attaining this unified understanding of the universe and also from attaining eternity.

Eternity is not just about the enduring, and if it is, then physical time does not prove itself in this regard as the endurance of it has ended. And metaphysical time has come, which is the time that has been, that is, and that will always be.

When we say that eternity is the absence of time, we have to really specify which kind of time we are referring to.

This is because eternity is the absence of physical time but the presence of metaphysical time. And we can now hope that in the nearest future, physical time and all its notions will really become absent from physics and from the world.

While this article may seem like a summarized presentation, some personal thinking will make you begin to understand the wide implications of this discovery of metaphysical time, as it will become one of the ingredients of thought and perception.

When we delve deeply into metaphysical time and begin to think about the universe as it dictates, we will have a new kind of consciousness, a new kind of understanding and of experiencing the universe or the world around us.

What seems impossible today would become possible and our capacity to utilize the mind will be greatly transformed such that we become oracles and no longer geniuses.

This march towards eternity has already begun with post-modern physics which has unlocked the true ways of the universe and now shows us the new possibilities in science, possibilities we couldn’t have known or thought about, had we continued with physical time.

We can only proceed into eternity by the better understanding of time and not by the denial of it. And all these things that I speak of time also apply to space. So know these things even if the focus of this article is on time.

It is through science that man will touch eternity, and not through religion or in the afterlife. All these things will transpire on Earth when we begin to see that the universe is spiritual and that science should also be.

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In knowing that eternity is not the absence of time but the presence of metaphysical time, we have now begun to march towards it following the direction of the Mystical Sun to light our path and to bring us soon to the complete experience of eternity.

Scientists must now encourage the spiritual; we must now see the new role science has to play in making all things possible, even eternity.

Eternity has become revealed to us who are the keen observers of the universe and her ways. She has called us to be her children both in the understanding and in the consciousness of the higher realm of truth, which is metaphysical and so unlike our current practice of science.

The discovery and inclusion of metaphysical time and space have resulted in a new science that reveals to us the before unknown metaphysical laws of the universe. And we shall come to understand the universe and apply science according to these metaphysical laws.

Tell me: what else proves our ascension? What else proves that we have entered eternity and transcended the course of physical space?

Eternity is our scientific future and to become spirits would be our new form. It takes the new consciousness of metaphysical time to attain eternity and the new consciousness of metaphysical space to become spirits.

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Knowledge is the sole means to Godhood. And while metaphysical time brings us to eternity, metaphysical space brings us to become spirits. Spirits in the sense that we no longer see ourselves as Earthly dust wrapped in physical space but as aetheric dust wrapped in metaphysical space.

This mental transition in our understanding of space and time is necessary for the much-needed experience of Godhood. Remember: “the universe is mental” and “as man thinks, so is he”.

Now we think of eternity and we of think transcendence not as vague philosophical constructs but as real scientific entities that give us true understanding and a new practical experience of the world around us.

Eternity is not far away and the Kingdom of God is here. These things that the religions speak or prophesy about are the possibilities of science that stands as the true wand of God.

Thus, we now know that eternity is not the absence of time but the presence of it. And the time in reference is metaphysical time and not physical time that brings our consciousness lower than the ideal and what is the true experience of reality, one of which is the much talked and wondered about experience of eternity.

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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