Why Man is Now Set to Become an Inter-Galactic Being

While there is nothing as fascinating as the universe, there is also nothing else as vast. So, we have a situation where man most times feels small before an enthralling and vast universe, and he wonders to himself if he would ever dominate space and the entire expanse of the cosmos?

Man wonders, if he would ever reach the stars and circumvent the galaxies, and if a time would ever come when the universe will become a small place, and much due to the deep understanding he can have of it?

Nevertheless, the past 400 years of physical science has seen to it that man conquers his immediate environment. Man has been able to master the Earth and its surrounding space, and this has led to the development of different machines to harness the minerals of the Earth, and also, to harness the wind to move man in the surrounding space.

And not only that, but man has also become able to achieve inter-planetary travel, that is, from one planet to another, and this is no small feat. It is because of inter-planetary travel that man has been able to study the other planets in our Solar System and even the Sun.

So, man is a terrestrial being, and in a sense, an inter-planetary being. I say in a sense because man has not been able to himself travel to the other planets in our solar system, but rather sends spacecrafts to the other planets. These spacecrafts are usually specially designed to relay information back to the Earth.

The difficulty in achieving interplanetary travel for man himself stems from three important problems or challenges: the delay in telecommunication, the vast distances involved, and the unfavourable living conditions in other planets.

However, today, and in this article, I am presenting the radical thought that man is now set to become an inter-galactic being. Man is now set to conquer the universe. Now, why do I say this?

I say this because of post-modern physics. Classical and modern physics set us on the path of inter-planetary travel, but post-modern physics will set us on the path of inter-galactic travel. We will move and cover the big expanse of the universe.

Classical and modern physics set us on the path of inter-planetary travel, but post-modern physics will set us on the path of inter-galactic travel.Click To Tweet

This is because post-modern physics will do three important things that correspond to the three problems presented above. One, it will improve our method of telecommunication. Two, it will improve our method of transportation. And three, it will improve our understanding of life.

man and the universe

So, again, the major challenges confronting man and hindering him from becoming an intergalactic being stem from telecommunication delay, transportation speed, and the harsh conditions of the places outside Earth.

I will be explaining these challenges and how post-modern physics solves them with just one remarkable solution.

The first one, which is telecommunication delay, is probably one that any scientist would quickly consider or think. Now, our present or current telecommunication technologies are dependent on light. This means that information currently travels at the speed of light.

But compared to the vast size of the universe, the speed of light becomes apparently slow and limiting. This is why even the light from the Sun gets to the Earth on an average of 8 minutes.

And when we look at other vast astronomical distances, which are measured in light-years, we begin to see the challenge our telecommunication delay presents.

Example, for the galaxy Andromeda Spiral, light takes about 2.5 million years from Andromeda Spiral to Earth. So, if we assume that we have a spacecraft on Andromeda Spiral, for instance, we have to wait 2.5 million years before any information is relayed back to Earth.

This is a discouraging challenge. However, there is hope somewhere. You might be wondering where this hope lies. I will tell you, and this hope is in an everyday observation that we scientists make about gravity.

What is this observation? Now, unlike light that takes 8 minutes from the Sun to get to the Earth, gravity presents or exhibits no such delay. In fact, this has led some scientists to speculate that gravity acts instantaneously, and can’t by classical physics exactly place a mark on the speed of gravity.

So, imagine that we could make gravity the transmitting wave of communication instead of light. It then implies that we could achieve instantaneous communication.

Imagine that we could make gravity the transmitting wave of communication instead of light. It then implies that we could achieve instantaneous communication.Click To Tweet

Now, this path is what post-modern physics has taken with a deeper insight into the mechanism of gravitational interaction which has been missing since classical physics.

If one relates what I am saying to general relativity, one is quick to say that even gravity travels at the speed of light. So, we are still stuck in the same hopeless situation.

However, post-modern physics presents a new extension of Electrodynamics that is different from the one Einstein presented.

In post-modern physics, what we have as an extension of Electrodynamics is Gravi-electrodynamics. So, general relativity is not our point of reference in this article and in our explanation of gravity in post-modern physics.

Also, general relativity, with its description of gravity as a topological wave crushes every possible attempt to utilize it like we do for light which is a non-mechanical wave.

When we look at physics and its practical possibilities, we will find that light has been largely utilizable because it is a non-mechanical wave, but the same cannot be said of gravity according to classical and modern physics.

So, there must be something fundamentally wrong with how we understand gravity because according to the natural principle of harmony, both waves should be practically utilizable for telecommunication.

And gravity is our only hope of ever achieving instantaneous communication and conquering the vast distance of the universe in this regard. This is something you may have thought about also.

With that being said, post-modern physics or the special branch of Gravi-electrodynamics is what now addresses this problem by unravelling the true mechanism for gravitational interaction.

And what post-modern physics informs us is that there is another non-mechanical wave in the universe besides light.

This non-mechanical wave which is called the gravi-electromagnetic wave is what is responsible for what we had wrongly supposed to be due only to gravity.

So, this is not to say that gravity is not involved, it is, but only as a component of gravi-electromagnetic wave and not as a standalone independent wave or entity as classical and modern physics inform us.

Now, obviously, from the term, “gravi-electromagnetic wave”, one may rightly infer that the combined inter-relationship between light and gravity is what propels the gravi-electromagnetic wave to be a wave that transports beyond the speed of light.

The combined inter-relationship between light and gravity is what propels the gravi-electromagnetic wave to be a wave that transports beyond the speed of light.Click To Tweet

So, one thing post-modern physics is informing us is that we cannot become inter-galactic beings without going beyond the speed of light, or coming to understand the new branch of physics referred to as gravi-electromagnetism.

man and the universe

With our mastery of the gravi-electromagnetic wave, anything is possible! When man comes to the point where he can transmit information instantaneously, then he has solved the problem of telecommunication delay and he has conquered the vast universe in this regard.

And the gravi-electromagnetic wave is a non-mechanical wave just like light, however, we are just learning about it today. So, we have from now to the nearest future to unlock its practical potentials.

To give you a brief explanation of what this wave does, I want you to first understand that uniform and accelerated reference frames are accompanied by two different non-mechanical waves. This is a post-modern understanding of the relativity of motion.

Uniform and accelerated reference frames are accompanied by two different non-mechanical waves.Click To Tweet

So, in this regard, uniform frames are accompanied by light or the electromagnetic wave, while accelerated frames are accompanied by the gravi-electromagnetic wave.

This is the simplest understanding you can have of the two non-mechanical waves and why they exist in the universe. In fact, the two forms of motion in the universe, uniform motion and accelerated motion, only exist because of the two non-mechanical waves in the universe.

And it is on the discovery and the practical utilization of the gravi-electromagnetic that man would become an inter-galactic being. This realization is why I have decided to write this article to inform you of why man is now set to become an inter-galactic being.

It is on the discovery and the practical utilization of the gravi-electromagnetic that man would become an inter-galactic being.Click To Tweet

Also, the gravi-electromagnetic wave is the wave of creation. This means that it is the content of all matter, from small rocks, to mountains, to planets, to the stars, and to the galaxies.

So, to conquer the second problem or challenge of transportation speed, we must begin to see beyond physical air.

We must begin to look at the real continuum that stretches across the universe and is the real medium between the galaxies. This is important, and the wave being referred to is the gravi-electromagnetic wave.

When we look out into the universe, we are looking at a vast space filled with the gravi-electromagnetic wave. So, the future of spaceflight is what I call aetherodynamics, which is the travel through the aether or the upper air.

The gravi-electromagnetic wave is what I call the aether.

And I believe strongly that it is only by aetherodynamics that we can have the ability to travel at tremendous speeds and even in a manner that we can transport matter instantaneously just like gravi-electromagnetic information (GI).

Currently, we transport electromagnetic information (EI), but electromagnetic information does not have the ability to transport or carry matter because it is not the content of matter, and so, it does not form a continuum with matter.

But the gravi-electromagnetic wave is different, in that, it is the very content of matter and it forms one continuum with it.

So, it is possible for only the gravi-electromagnetic wave to transport matter from one point of the universe to another as gravi-electromagnetic information (GI).

And since this wave communicates instantaneously, then we would achieve instantaneous transportation not only of information but also of matter.

What I am pointing out in this article that is possible because of the discovery of the gravi-electromagnetic wave is also related to a deeper understanding which we now have of time that we did not have before.

So, the idea or thought that by instantaneous communication we are referring to communication without time delay is not what is being referred to.

I would have loved to delve into this, but it is technical and beyond the scope of this article, but I have discussed it in my ebook, and I will probably set aside an article in the future to focus on the new relativity of time in post-modern physics.

So, this article importantly informs us that for man to become an inter-galactic being, he must harness the G-wave.

man and the universe

And concerning the unfavourable living conditions in the other parts of the universe, the gravi-electromagnetic wave can only be the answer. One of the reasons it is the answer is because with this wave, we can influence the condition of life in other parts of the universe than we currently do.

The gravi-electromagnetic wave, being the wave of creation, can be used to make life favourable on other planets in the universe. And also, the gravi-electromagnetic wave embodies cosmic life, which is the higher understanding of life we are now being informed about.

The biological life which we have known for so long is giving way for a new and higher understanding of life, which is cosmic life, and which is not dependent on oxygen, but on the gravi-electromagnetic wave that permeates and pulsates all matter.

With this understanding, man would begin to shift his consciousness away from terrestrial life and the lower air to celestial life and the upper air.

This shift in consciousness alongside our practical utilization of the gravi-electromagnetic wave or the upper air are what would enable us to solve the problem of unfavourable living conditions in other planets or parts of the universe.

At this point and with the understanding of post-modern physics, man has become a celestial being and no longer a terrestrial being.

He has become like the angels he imagines, and like the God he worships, being ignorant of the truth that the God he serves and fears is his higher self, his higher potentials which science now reveals.

Man is now set to become an inter-galactic being. He is now set to explore and populate the universe and to establish the universal civilization.

Men in the Milky Way would someday, soon, communicate with men in Andromeda, and they would do that without any time delay.

Thus, man would live and explore the universe beyond the Milky Way, and he would by science realize his full potentials as Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent.

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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