Why Physics Is at Its Greatest Moment in History

Some weeks ago, I can’t really remember when exactly, I was discussing the future of science with a theologian that I respect so much. It was a discussion that I love to recall and I began the discussion with this question: what would happen if man discovers the ultimate truth about the universe?

I presented the question to him with rapt attention because I wanted to know what he thinks about it. I wanted to know what he thinks about the possibility of man discovering the exact laws in which the universe was written.

The response I got from him was expected and he didn’t mince words when he made it clear to me that it was impossible. I didn’t discuss post-modern physics with him or anything related to it, but I maintained my conviction that it was possible, and that in fact, it is our birthright as the children of the universe to know how the universe was designed.

From our discussion, I realized that his skepticism was borne out of what becomes of the religious God? What is his role then? It was as if he felt threatened by what I told him that man can know the ultimate mystery of the universe.

To him, he felt that such kind of knowledge is left only for God Himself and that man can never know the exact laws in which the universe was designed. He said that as long as man continues to exists he will keep on trying to uncover the truth which I disagreed with. I know that man can know the exact laws of the universe.

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I take that these laws are knowable and that it is from this knowledge of truth that we can build the true experience of continuous discovery which is somewhat similar to what he upheld.

But what is most important and which I want you to see is that many individuals, because I have seen a lot already, are of the opinion that man cannot know the truth not just because man is not God but equally so that man does not become God.

Many are unknowingly working against our enlightenment with the elevation of the religious God, whose only superiority is based on what He knows that we cannot know.

Every religious fellow that I have seen just like my friend, the theologian, are threatened by the possibility that man can know the truth. This is because the religious God is only protected by ignorance.

Furthermore, I informed this, my friend, that physics is at a crossroad already and that we are now at the point that what is the next big thing to know are the exact laws in which the universe was designed. I told him that we already have a unification crisis and that the only way we can get around it is to discover the ultimate laws of the universe.

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As I said these things, my eyes lightened up and I became filled with great joy, and then, it occurred to me like it always had for some time now, that physics is at its greatest moment in history. But the theologian disagreed and I saw no other reason other than to preserve the false superiority of his God, a God that hides knowledge from man, at least this was what I understood from what he said.

I know that a lot of people are of this same opinion, that some knowledge, like the ultimate laws of the universe, is left for God while others are left for man. This cannot be further from the truth.

All knowledge is meant for man and so are the ultimate laws of the universe, and even God is a mental state, a consciousness, and knowledge of the true, immutable laws of the universe.

Physics is at the point where what is expected of it is to do the impossible, which is to unravel the exact, ultimate laws of the universe. The situation is so dire that even physicists themselves are skeptical about it.

Physics is at the point where what is expected of it is to do the impossible, which is to unravel the exact, ultimate laws of the universe.Click To Tweet

But this is a great occasion, and to paraphrase Rousseau, great occasions bring great accomplishments.

The theologian is convinced that he can know God but not the truth, but the scientist is convinced that he can know the truth and become God. You know, the age-old awareness of the connection between knowledge and Godhood is almost an imprint in man.

This is because anyone I tell that man can know the truth about the universe immediately begins to wonder if man can or wants to become God and if it is possible. I wonder why we are running away from Godhood which only scientific knowledge can confer.

So, the truth is that yes, man can become God by the truth. This is our inevitable destiny whether we agree or not. The religious God suppresses knowledge for false power and control over people.

The religious God thrives on what we don’t know, as soon as we know the truth, His power varnishes. While the religious God is not the focus of this article, I, however, want to use the reference to bring your attention to physics’ greatest moment in history. The truth is finally within our grasp.

This article is set to reinforce our belief in the discovery of the truth and in the power of science. This ultimate objective is why we do science in the first place.

We are at the edge of a great moment in history that the generations to come will look back and see as the beginning of spiritual enlightenment and our eventual ascension to Godhood.

The God consciousness is the first fruit of our knowledge of the truth, and then shall it be fulfilled the greatest promise that “your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as Gods”. This is an eternal enchantment that I have said resides in every man.

What I call the God knowledge of the universe is within our grasp and this is what brings us to physics’ finest moments.

The struggle has been real and at no time being defined like it is today. Today we have many expert scientists working on the foundation of physics in order to discover what these exact, immutable laws of the universe are.

So, there is already the waiting expectation of this great moment in physics and all these physicists or scientists are fully in tune with the next big move of time. This article is therefore for the scientists and all those who elevate knowledge and the firm belief in the God-man.

The new future shall be great for science and for mankind and all its events and outcomes shall be owned to this greatest moment in history when we discovered the true laws of the universe and touched the God of the cosmos.

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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