Why the Coronavirus Pandemic Would be the Last World Pandemic

Note: The author of this article integrates the coronavirus pandemic with the problem of global warming with the aim of providing a unified solution.


The world has been thrown into its saddest and most trying moment since the Second World War when the first case of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) was detected in China on November 17th, 2019.

Now, it has spread all over the world to become a pandemic, causing rising dead cases and shutting down world economies, and IMF (International Monetary Fund) is informing us today that the world is now in a global recession worse than 2009.

I have been very sad myself seeing the rising death rate all over the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. My heart is with the world at this trying moment and also with China, Italy, and Spain which seem to be the three countries most hit by the coronavirus going by the current stat.

The situation of things is showing that the experts were right that the world is not prepared for a pandemic. First world countries are grappling to contain the coronavirus pandemic and one can only wonder what would be the fate of third world countries.

The situation is dire and really sad and I can’t help but take this time to consider the limit of today’s science. This is the greatest lesson to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, and after going through this article, it should become clear that it is what the author seeks to resolve.

No doubt, medical scientists are doing a very great job to combat the virus and to create a vaccine, but I am looking at the whole thing from another perspective, which is more about physics than about medicine.

So, this article is from the perspective of a physicist, and I feel that it is important that you know this before we continue with this article.

Now, the danger of a pandemic has made me begin to think about other dangers that could take us by surprise like the danger of global warming.

Experts have been warning us that the Earth is heating up due to the carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases that we release into the Earth’s atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels to generate energy.

And since the industrial revolution, the world has gotten more industrialized and so more and more carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases are being released into the Earth’s atmosphere increasing its temperature.

So, even as I think about the coronavirus pandemic which is now our reality, I also think about the dangers of global warming which though has not become detrimental may become so in the nearest future and the world will be taken unawares just like the COVID-19 pandemic.

And what is most important is that there is an underlying relationship between the current pandemic problem and that of global warming.

I am making reference to an underlying relationship because I believe strongly that our failure to contain the coronavirus pandemic and also resolve the problem of global warming is because of our current incomplete understanding of energy.

There is a huge vacuum in our understanding of energy, and I say incomplete because if we have a complete understanding of energy we wouldn’t be destroying or harming the Earth’s atmosphere.

It is due to this huge vacuum in our understanding of energy that we have not discovered a way of harnessing energy that does not pollute the environment.

Now, we have discovered that nuclear fusion is the only possible way to create clean energy, but we have not achieved it yet. The ITER Project is aimed at achieving that, but it is not yet completely successful though some success has been recorded in the pre-stages and which I am so happy about.

So, it is clear to nuclear scientists that nuclear fusion is the only hope of achieving clean energy and restoring balance to the Earth. And this balance is important, and we as scientists and as one world must see the need to not pollute the Earth.

I must take this time to appreciate individuals, scientists, organizations, governments, and all other agencies around the world that have done what they can to sensitize the world about global warming and the need for us to reduce the greenhouse gases that we release into the Earth’s atmosphere.

This campaign is bearing fruits as some individuals, companies, and organizations are opting for clean energy like solar and wind. But the big breakthrough would have to be the practical utilization of nuclear fusion with net-positive energy.

But the achievement of nuclear fusion would not be possible without a complete mastery of energy. We need more than anything now to change the technological base of our industrialization efforts and it begins with how we generate energy.

I am informing you of this much-needed change in how we generate energy because the world has gone past the modern era. We are now in the post-modern era and the oil age must pass speedily.

The world has gone past the modern era. We are now in the post-modern era and the oil age must pass speedily.Click To Tweet

And looking at the global condition of the oil market, oil prices are falling, and though this is partly due to the oil war between OPEC and Russia and the coronavirus pandemic, it is underlyingly due to the rising post-modern age that is slowly having its grip upon the Earth.

There is now more than ever a growing awareness of the need to look beyond oil for energy.

This awareness is what is propelling some countries and oil companies to begin to research on alternative energy sources. But I want to make it clear that the best alternative source of energy is nuclear fusion energy and it is achievable.

When we discover nuclear fusion, which would be a result of our complete understanding of energy, we would not only change our technological base and increase beyond limits the potentials of science, we would also revolutionalize medicine.

This revolution is in two folds: one is in the kind of machines and technical tools that would be used to assist medical research, and the other would be in how we combat viruses, bacteria, and other harmful micro-organisms.

The latter is what I am most concerned about as it would be the ultimate.

At a fundamental level, all organism is energy, and there is no better way to deal with them than to treat them as such.

Now, this would be the view of a physicist and it is what defines the nature and the scope of this article. But a medical researcher would consider them as organisms and treat them as such.

But a physicist would be concerned about how to attenuate these organisms like we do for an energy field. But in this case, we would not be dealing with electromagnetic energy, but gravi-electromagnetic energy.

The gravi-electromagnetic field is the second non-mechanical field in the universe after light. This universal field is the origin of matter. And so, future medicine will find ways of combating viruses and bacteria using this field.

It is my firm conviction that this field would constitute a central and universal method of treating all sicknesses and diseases in the nearest future.

So, from the point of view of a physicist, our complete mastery of energy is necessary for us to combat any pandemic and also to end the problem of global warming. The latter would save us from any future dangers that global warming could pose.

So, in this article, I have decided to place my discussion of the coronavirus pandemic alongside the problem of global warming because both problems have one solution, which is our complete understanding and mastery of energy.

And while the coronavirus pandemic is a current threat, global warming is a future threat. So, there is nothing else that can keep the world away from global warming and another pandemic forever than our mastery of energy.

This would change our technological base leading to new machines and technical ways of assisting medical research.

Our mastery of energy would expand and revolutionalize medical science, and more importantly, it would open the door for us to for the first time ever deal with these viruses and bacteria using energy physics.

Also, this would lead us to nuclear fusion with net-positive energy and the end of carbon emissions into the Earth’s atmosphere. The energy revolution is bound to precipitate newer ways of tackling pandemics by following the laws of physics.

This brings us to a critical point and I will make some things that I have pointed out clearer as we continue.

Now, it is my firm conviction that the biggest problem confronting mankind is our ignorance of the place we call home, which is the universe. This ignorance is the cause of the present limitation on science.

The biggest problem confronting mankind is our ignorance of the place we call home, which is the universe.Click To Tweet

So, we have to break any limit that our ignorance of the universe would impose on science. This is why we must embrace post-modern physics and proceed to build the post-modern age that it ignites.

And as part of the post-modern age, the end of the oil age would come about by our complete understanding of energy. And it is important that we bring an end to the oil age so as to heal the Earth of the damages of greenhouse gases and other carbon emissions.

The transition from the oil age has already begun with falling oil prices and the growing interests in clean energy. And now that post-modern physics has come, the transition is certain.

Our mastery of energy which would end the oil age would also bring an end to pandemics upon the Earth. This is because our mastery of energy would expand beyond light to the gravi-electromagnetic field, and so, the potentials of medical science would be such that we would no longer be treating but curing diseases.

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By this method, we would not kill these harmful micro-organisms using medicines or drugs. Rather, we would extinguish or dissolve them into the continuum.

Now, what I refer to as the continuum is the gravi-electromagnetic field. This field, which I have said is the second non-mechanical field in the universe, is what has been called the aether by the ancients and by classical physicists.

However, physicists had to abandon the idea of the existence of the aether when the Michelson-Morley experiment failed to validate the existence of such a field.

But now, in post-modern physics, we are returning to this ancient idea, but with a better understanding of the nature of this field. And this is why in post-modern physics it is referred to as the gravi-electromagnetic wave and not something vague.

The nature of this field is clearly delineated in post-modern physics, and in post-modern physics, this field is applied in our understanding of the relativity of accelerated motion.

And more than that, it is applied in the understanding of creation. This is where we would further unlock the potential of energy physics because post-modern physics is informing us that matter originated or emanated from the gravi-electromagnetic field during creation.

This understanding leads us to think that we can destroy matter by reversing the process or dissolving them back into this field. This would define the universal method of post-modern medicine.

Our mastery of energy which has come in this post-modern age is what would help us keep pandemics at bay. Man would realize the unlimited potential of science, especially when we touch the second non-mechanical field in the universe.

It is why when I think of the coronavirus pandemic and how even the scientific community is overwhelmed by it, I feel very sad, especially with the knowledge that science can overcome by other means that are within the purview of physics.

Our traditional medical method of isolating and studying these viruses, and coming up with drugs or vaccines after many clinical trials look cumbersome to me.

I know that there is a way to apply wave physics to deal with these viruses and bacteria. And this is because post-modern physics is beginning to show us how all matter are simply condensed gravi-electromagnetic fields.

That means that matter are simply points of reduced gravi-electromagnetic energy. So we can dissolve these harmful micro-organisms by increasing their internal gravi-electromagnetic energy.

For the first time, we are been introduced to the real wave nature of the universe and this knowledge will be indispensable to medicine. It will shape the future of medicine.

And this is because, in the cosmic view of things, the current medical way of treating sickness and diseases is only a temporary solution. 

To the physicist, the universe should be the real focus because everything in existence, both biological and non-biological, originates from the universe. So, only a mastery of the laws of the universe can give us the provision to deal with sicknesses and pandemics in a cosmic way.

While this my presentation may sound or look too futuristic, it is not so much so because the basic operation of the gravi-electromagnetic field has come into light. We just need well-focused research and a deep awareness of the urgency of the situation to bring it to realization.

So, this article is informing us that due to our improved mastery of energy that has come about due to post-modern physics, we would be applying wave physics to deal with infections in a very cosmic and fundamental way.

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Soon, we will be bypassing the cumbersome medical method of dealing with diseases to more novel ways that would be based on the complete understanding of the wave nature of the universe. This is the future of medicine and this is what would bring an end to pandemics upon the Earth.

And even though the proposed method of dissolving viruses and bacteria into the gravi-electromagnetic field may look like an ultimate method, the new technological base that is to follow as a result of post-modern physics would also revolutionalize medical research in ways we can only imagine for now.

The new technological base of post-modern physics coupled with the availability of clean and cheap energy would advance medicine and medical research beyond its current potentials that would set us ready for any eventual pandemic in the post-modern era. 

Soon, mankind will be looking at the big picture, which is the universe, and this big picture would revolutionalize medicine, both in medical research and in the administration of medical treatments.

And this big picture, which would lead to our final mastery of energy, would cleanse the Earth of poisonous emissions and bring an end to the threat of global warming and whatever relationship it may have to pandemics.

We all as scientists must realize that the Earth is alive and that it is our duty to take good care of her. And how we do so is by making sure that practical science harmonizes with the ways of the cosmos.

Practical science must promote life and proper living. And this is the first step that leads to our elevation and full harmony with the environment.

This elevation that the mastery of energy provides would give us immense power over any threat to our existence like a pandemic and we would handle it with the enlightened understanding we now have of the universe.

I want to also use this article to call on the world governments to reset their priorities to focus crucially on scientific researches that are at the frontier of science.

This is more crucial as post-modern physics has finally arrived. It is now time to ride purposefully on the wave of the new science to change our current modern technological base to a post-modern one.

This would increase our potentials beyond measure and we would be launched into a new world where all things are possible.

Now, I want to deeply appreciate all the medical personnel out there helping and treating people infected with the coronavirus. And I want to wish a good rest to those who have passed on as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

I want the departed souls to know that the world loves them. And to show that we do, we would re-ignite our commitment towards making the world safe. And in the honour of their memory, we would bring an end to pandemics upon the Earth and also a final stop to global warming.

After we have come out from the coronavirus pandemic, it would be our collective commitment to cleanse the Earth and restore balance once again.

And now more than ever, the world needs love and social cohesion to combat this virus. In as much as we fear contacting the virus and so we are in isolation, we should still be our brother’s keeper in whatever way we can, for love is as strong as death.

I also want to specially thank the Cuban doctors for their response to the cry for help from Italy. The world saw your heroic deed and it showed once again that there is still love in the world.

And it is in the spirit of this love that I write this article to inform us that man is now in the post-modern age. And in this age, man would ascend to his full scientific potentials and we would have complete control over all potential pandemics.

Thus, when the potential of a pandemic arises again upon the Earth, it would meet a new man in his ascended state and with complete knowledge of the eternal laws of the universe.

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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