Why the Occult is no More

Dedication: This article is dedicated to those among us who appreciate the occult and who may hold the notion or some deep inexpressible feeling that the occult holds some profound knowledge of the world that we may have missed in the occult’s dedicated use of metaphors, symbols, and myths.

The occult has been a part of mankind since the ancient time, and different occult sects have been known by their different rituals and mystical practices.

But a common denominator for most of these occult sects is the use of sacred symbols and metaphors to communicate their basic tenets and their mystical understanding of the world.

However, according to the literal meaning, the term “occult” simply means “hidden” or “secret”.  So, I want you to have this understanding of the meaning of “occult” as I proceed with this discourse.

And as I would want you to know at the later parts of this article, these secrets are no longer hidden in symbols or metaphors, but they have found their plain meaning and expression in the language of science.

There are some of us who believe that these occult sects of which some of their practices are among the oldest of mankind hold the key or at least an inkling to the deeper understanding of the universe that we seek.

It has been the aim of science to uncover the final mystery of the universe, but before now this long-search failed to yield any fruit. But an important aspect we as scientists have failed to look at is the occult approach.

We failed to ask ourselves what does the age-old occult symbols and metaphors and myths communicate to us about the universe? Do you know why this question is important? Don’t worry, I will tell you.

If there is one attribute of truth, it is that it is eternally present. The truth about the world which we so much seek has been with us from the very beginning. It is not hidden per se. The truth is really never hidden; we are just most times oblivious of it.

It is with this understanding that we would begin to ask ourselves in what form did the truth about the universe take before the advent of modern science? This is where we look not into science or philosophy, but into the oldest occult traditions of the world.

This is where we discover that the truth has been with us all along, but in an occultic representation, and this is as it was represented by mystical symbols and metaphors.

This understanding is important as it shows us the link between the old world and all the other age transitions of mankind.

Nevertheless, this understanding of the obvious eternal existence of truth would not have come today or would not have gotten deeper without the scientific understanding of the universe.

It is with this scientific understanding that we look back to see the imprints of it even in the ancient occult practices of the world. We realize that what we call science may just be a language for expressing the truth, and that the occult may just be another.

So, because both science and the occult are different languages to speak of the same thing which is the truth, we find harmony for the first time between both of them, even though they are quite different. And this harmony is what the unity of science and spirituality represents.

However, one finds the occult to be mystical and most times hard to grasp except for a few who are deeply initiated into it. And this is where science becomes advantageous because it is the plainest language of the truth and its spiritual nature.

The occult

So, the occult is no more because of the scientific discovery of the spiritual nature of the truth. The occult language for communicating the truth has now become replaced by the scientific language for communicating the truth, and as such nothing is hidden from us anymore nor can be.

The occult is no more because of the scientific discovery of the spiritual nature of the truth.Click To Tweet

The occult is no more because its method of communicating the truth has now become replaced by the provision of science. And this is why I usually divide the world into two great ages: the great age of religion and the great age of science.

Religion, in this case, is applied as a generic term to include all occult sects and practices. So, the great age of religion was when mankind used occultic and mystical methods to communicate the truth, but the great age of science that we have entered is when mankind would use science to communicate the truth.

So, while these great ages are different, they, however, have the same underlying union which is the truth. The truth is not a discovery; it is the eternally present. It is the “I AM”. It is the Tao, the Dharma, and the so many other names that it was called.

I want you to see this continuity as mankind transits from one age to another, and you cannot really see it until you divide the ages of mankind into the two great ages: the great age of religion and the great age of science.

This is the broadest perspective necessary for you to understand this article. The occult is no more as the truth is no longer hidden in mystical language of metaphors and symbols. The truth has taken a scientific language; it has taken a mathematical representation.

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So, if we adopt the language of the occult, I can say that we are all now the initiates into the cosmic mysteries. The truth is now to be taught out in the open.

The great age of science holds tremendous promises for us. It is what will bring us all to maturity of the knowledge of all things. And it would revive that fascination which we have always had for the occult.

And by this fascination, I refer to the subconscious fascination which we have always shown for occult symbols like the triangle, the pyramid, etc.

And in fact, the ancients pyramid sites in the world today are places of immense tourist attraction to the world over. Why this fascination?

It is not just about the urge to know history and the different cultures of the world, but it is because of our subconscious remembrance of the ancient world when the occult language of truth was revolutionary and widespread.

And today, science still preserves this our subconscious fascination for the occult symbols, which their occult meaning and history would forever remain as undertones.

This goes a long way to show that no matter how hard some of us with deep scientific leanings may dismiss the occult, there is still some substance at the heart of it beckoning us like it did our ancestors.

So, we ask ourselves, what did our ancestor really see? Did they discover an ancient wisdom or the truth, but found no other way to depict this truth other than through symbols, metaphors, and myths.

Or were they just blind of the inner happenings of the world and only resorted to the occult to proffer a solution which we now judge as false and superstitious.

The post-modern discoveries of science prove that it is the former.

Look, when one strips the occult of its rituals and metaphors and everything one thinks is attached to it, one cannot help but deny that there is still something in it. What is this thing that remains?

It is such that even after we have refuted it as false and superstitious and all that, we still can’t deny this feeling that the occult holds something of importance which we may not have discovered or at least we can’t deny the fascination for it.

And it is at this point that some choose to say that whatever it is does not matter. But even at that, the thought still haunts you, especially if you are a conscious person.

Now, what really remains after everything is stripped from the occult is the truth; what remains is this undeniability that the occult seeks to explain or represent something even though one can judge whether it does well in that regard or not.

This awareness or knowledge is buried in the subconscious of all us because “we are the children of our ancestors”. And so, we are left to wonder what could the occult be telling us about the world, and could it be that the initiates of the occult hold this secret and do not want to reveal it to the world or not.

I disagree with the latter because science is the plainest language of truth and whatever the initiates may have is simply the truth in an occultic language just as we have always known.

So, they too need the new revelation of the truth that science brings. This is because the great age of science is about the complete, universal understanding of the truth, and so, it involves all of us.

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The occult is no more; there are no more any hidden secrets of the world or of the truth. Everything has become laid bare for us in the language of science. We are all now initiates in the cosmic mysteries.

And surprisingly, the mystical symbols of the occult most importantly the triangle and the pyramid have all taken a scientific meaning that is spiritual and that enlightens us about the nature of truth or about the nature of the universe.

This discovery is important as despite the transition of the ages, it shows us their underlying union or continuity. This underlying union or continuity is what satisfies the “I AM”.

The truth abides forever, and for every age of mankind, it has been with us. The truth has been with us since the beginning. There is no first discovery of it. It only rebirths itself and this is what causes the transformation of age.

So, when you look at the world from the perspective of the two great ages, you will realize that we are at a very historic moment in history when the truth is rebirthing itself.

At this historic moment, we are not discovering the truth, but rather, we are experiencing the rebirth of the truth, and which began 400 years ago. And there are sub-transitions of this rebirth from the first renaissance to the second renaissance.

So, you must understand that the discourse of the truth is contextual like an onion with different slices. However, this my article is borne from the deepest slice and the highest context.

In fact, whenever in my article I refer to the two great ages, just know that what is being discussed is from the broadest perspective. And it is from this broadest perspective that we see that the occult is no more as science has become the new revelation of truth.

However, the occult symbols that still find their way into science, one can consider them as a relic of the occult ways, which is one point of view. But another is that they are scientific symbols in their own right and with spiritual meanings that for the first time represents the truth.

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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