Why We Are More Than Dust

The final liberation of man from the chains of death begins with the true scientific knowledge of the spiritual, and of immortality; and it is for this reason among others that I have decided to write this article to make us know that we are more than dust.

People, especially Christians and Judaists, like to refer to man as dust. It has even become such a common perception even among non-Christians and non-Judaists that man is just dust, that man is just a physical entity.

The origin of this view of man can be traced to the Bible where after Adam and Eve sinned, God told them “dust thou art and unto dust shall thou return.” And as it turned out in the Bible, death came upon man as a result of this curse or their fall from grace, and they were even driven out of the garden of Eden.

The teaching of the fall of man and the sufferings that follow, among which is death, are a part of all the world’s major religions and they have different stories and themes for presenting this general truth. In these major religions, death is seen as one of the sufferings of our existence.

I have presented the story of Adam and Eve; it is one of the religious stories that seek to present to us the origin of the fall of man and the cause of death and suffering, the latter which is what is commonly referred to in the Eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism.

I want us to have the scientific understanding of this fall which the major religions teach, for in doing so, we will discover the true way to wrest ourselves from death. For death is a result of the fall, and we have to scientifically understand what this fall really means.

Death is a result of the fall, and we have to scientifically understand what this fall really means.Click To Tweet

Besides the Judaist story of Adam and Eve and how their fall led to the suffering of mankind, other religions have their own reason for suffering and description of the fall of man.

In Hinduism, the fall of man is described as the pursuit of “worldly illusions and our ignorance of our true selves.” But according to Hinduism, we can “achieve liberation from worldly attachments” and “become reabsorbed into Brahman.”

In Buddhism, the fall of man is as a result of his attachment to the world which is inherently impermanent. His cravings and desire for this impermanent world are what results in the suffering and fall of mankind.

And according to Buddhism, man can become liberated by following “the Noble Eightfold Path of morality, meditation, and wisdom,” by which he embarks “on the path toward Nirvana.”

The attainment of union with the universal spirit is the one goal of all these major religions and the hope to defeat death. But there is a scientific understanding of this which will be discussed in this article and which we must embrace.

Even in Islam, redemption comes by our submission “to Allah’s will through Islam’s five doctrines and five practices and through Allah’s moral laws. Through this submission, one may not be condemned on the Final Judgment to the fires of hell but instead enjoy the paradise Allah has created for those who submit to his will.” 

Man has sought to escape from death by following religious doctrines and practices by which one day he hopes to unite in Heaven with God and live forever. This is the center teaching, however different, in the world’s major religions. 

But in the New Age Movement, we see an interesting view that comes close to that of the new science, where it is taught that: 

“Humans are divine, for they possess a spark of divinity within them. Our problem is that of ignorance. We do not recognize our own divinity and instead act as purely material beings. This ignorance then allows the law of karma to keep us in the cycle of rebirth. However, there is hope. If we enter into alternate states of consciousness and realign the energies around us, we will escape karma and ignorance and help usher in an age of spiritual enlightenment and social consciousness, thus saving ourselves and our society.”

The only way to break the chains of death is to really see ourselves as more than dust, where dust is a metaphor for all the physical way we see ourselves and the universe. We must see the divinity of all things; we must realize the spirituality of the universe and of all existence.

The only way to break the chains of death is to really see ourselves as more than dust, where dust is a metaphor for all the physical way we see ourselves and the universe.Click To Tweet

The central scientific meaning of the fall of man, however different the religions may present the it, is the condition where man no longer sees the spirituality of the universe and only by the revelation of this spirituality can ascension commence.

Spiritual life

Now, the spirituality of the universe and of ourselves are what only science can reveal; they are beyond the purview of religion. Even science never knew it can, which was why it has been physical for the past 400 years of its existence.

The spirituality of the universe and of ourselves are what only science can reveal.Click To Tweet

But now science has become spiritual and has thus attained its higher purpose to bring redemption to man. The attention to the declaration that “dust thou art” is a trap that leads to the second that “unto dust shall thou return.”

This statement represents the curse of materialism which has befallen man for millennia. And as I have said, “dust” is just a metaphor for our materialistic worldview, and the time for our liberation from this curse of materialism has come.

So more than being a curse, the quoted statement “dust thou art” is a representation of our attention to materialism. This is why we don’t consider ourselves as spiritual beings and of the universe as a spiritual place, the latter which was the special guilt of science.

We must once again and by scientific means approach the ascended understanding of all things.

The ancients had a way of classifying existence into the four elements: air, water, fire, and earth. But after these material or physical classifications of existence, they went further to present the fifth element which they called the aether.

The latter is an important ascended understanding of existence and the ancients inform us that this fifth element is what holds the other four elements and that they emerged from it. Thus, we would have a remarkable mastery of the four elements once we can touch the fifth element.

Besides the actual statement of this fifth element, there was an unpresented explanation of its operations and processes in the universe. The ancients only mentioned the fifth element but they never told us how to discover it, even though they knew of its profound spiritual nature.

The fifth element and its further consideration show us why we are more than dust. Man is not just an emanation from matter or from the four elements. At a deeper level, man is an emanation of the fifth element and not dust, and this applies to everything we see in this world.

The fifth element and its further consideration show us why we are more than dust.Click To Tweet

I want us to begin to see the world of matter or the observable world as not something that is separate from the spiritual world but as a world that emanated from the spiritual world. All physical observations in the universe are condensations of the spiritual element.

Man is an emanation of the fifth element and not dust, and this applies to everything we see in this world.Click To Tweet

This understanding is why we are more than dust and not just us, but the whole universe is spiritual and more than what physical observation can show.

I want us to understand the connection between death and our materialist view of ourselves and of the world and that it is only science that can liberate us.

Science shows us the way to this liberation by revealing to us the actual spiritual laws of the universe for the first time ever. Science is revealing to us the actual nature of the long-taught fifth element and the spiritual laws by which it operates and causes all emanations in the universe.

This beautiful knowledge is why we are more than dust. Contrary to what is expected, science is why we are more than dust. The materialistic worldview of science no longer exists as it has become replaced by a spiritual one.

The liberation from death and suffering begins with the scientific understanding of the spirituality of the universe. This ascended scientific understanding of ourselves and of the world is what the Kingdom of God has been all about; it is what the attainment of Nirvana means.

The Eastern religions teach of religious enlightenment as the way to redemption, but science teaches of scientific enlightenment as the way to redemption. And by scientific enlightenment, I refer to the direct spiritual view of the universe that is describable using the terms and language of science.

In science, the fall simply refers to the physical view of the universe and the ascension refers to the spiritual view of the universe, the latter which must be as exact and clear as the former.

I want this article to be a starting point of the ascended and enlightened view of ourselves as something more than dust, and to know that this view is as a result of the new science which its many but united aspects make up the spiritual picture of the universe.

Finally, we now see ourselves as a real part of our surroundings and that entail all things and not just the Earth. Thus, we no longer see ourselves as dust bound to the Earth surface, but as a part of the great cosmic field which is called the aether and which stretches across the vast universe.

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa


M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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