Why We Cannot Do Away With God

Some physicists hold a claim against the existence of God, which is that we involve God or use Him to fill the gaps in our understanding of nature. This view is well accepted by some in the scientific community and one of the first to use God to fill a gap in our understanding of the universe was Sir Isaac Newton.

Isaac Newton held that for the universe to be continually stable there has to be some divine intervention from God from time to time. He felt that friction and viscosity were enough to collapse the universe if God does not intervene from time to time and at when necessary.

This intervention doctrine did not go down well with Wilhelm Leibniz who felt that God should have enough foresight to create a universe that exhibits perpetual motion and not need to be reformed or intervened from time to time.

To be frank with you, I like Leibniz’s position, and this is because in post-modern physics we come to actually see why the universe is stable and why it is actually in perpetual motion without any interference by the God-of-the-gaps.

So, these were the two opposing views held by Newton and Leibniz, however, today, scientists with the advent of modern physics and a whole lot of other advancements after Newton, are of the opinion that we should not invoke God all just because we cannot explain a phenomenon.

This is because it is possible that soon after an explanation for the phenomenon may arrive and then we realize that “we don’t need God after all.”

I support this same view that we should not use God to fill the gaps in our knowledge, but that is to an extent. And the extent is that which does not push to the further belief that we can do away with God, though I do not subscribe to the God-of-the-gaps and I will present my reasons in this article.

Listen, with post-modern physics, I have come to understand the unity of the universe and the mysterious stability of the universe for which Newton imposed God, but I still hold on to the existence of God.

So the God I am referring to in this article is not the God-of-the-gaps but the God of illumination. The God that we come to know when we know all things and not the one we come to know or refer to when we have a gap in our understanding of a phenomenon.

The above position is critical to understanding this article and why we cannot do away with God. In post-modern physics, we come into contact with the Cosmic God, Whose existence and meaning is inseparable from the universe and not the religious God or the God-of-the-gaps.

So, why can’t we do away with God if we have come to the understanding of all things? Simple: the new understanding of the universe shows that the universe is spiritual, dynamic, and alive. The last word “alive” is one of the things that set the new view of the universe different from what we had before in classical physics.

The new understanding of the universe shows that the universe is spiritual, dynamic, and alive.Click To Tweet

Newton introduced us to a mechanistic and dead universe that operates based on physical laws. It was with this view of the universe that physicists could naturally and so easily dismiss God.

But now we are being introduced to an organic and living universe that operates based on metaphysical laws, and as a result, we now see the Cosmic God at the center of all things, and most importantly, as the personification of this living universe.

The God that I now speak of and Who I say we cannot do away with is the One that has emerged out of physics. He is the one we have discovered in the book of nature and not in the sacred scriptures of the various world’s religions.

The God that I now speak of and Who I say we cannot do away with is the One that has emerged out of physics.Click To Tweet

It has been the Father’s ultimate will that we see him in the universe, in the eternal laws and principles that drive the cosmos. This dream of God has found fulfilment in this post-modern age.

We cannot do away with the Cosmic God because He is the personality of the living, spiritual universe that we have now come to know in post-modern physics. The era in which we saw the universe as a physical machine is over as we now see it as a metaphysical organism. The spirit of the universe is no longer deniable.

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Furthermore, science has found its footing in the spiritual and the esoteric concept of the Mind has now come under scientific study for the very first time, so what are we thinking to dismiss God.

All the objects that make for metaphysical science have all come together to give us a greater sense of the universe than we had before and as a result, we have come to know God beyond what can be denied.

So I speak of the God that we come to know when we discover complete knowledge, I mean the God that is waiting for us at the zenith of our mental ascension. This God refers to the complete summation of all universal spirits and awareness; this God refers to cosmic consciousness.

The universe is alive possessing Mind and not only Matter. So this broader view of life and consciousness is what God represents and He is the one that we cannot do away with.

He has come as a result of our new and complete understanding of the universe. He is the Great Mind of the universe and we approach His understanding in a scientific way.

So, whoever wants to prove or lay claim to a religious God that is unconnected to science and to the universe can go ahead, but we, the new generation of scientists, we look into the book of nature for the understanding of the Cosmic God.

This personality of cosmic awareness which drives all natural phenomena and that envelopes us all is the God we have come to know. And while He has been discussed in some circles and in some ancient, native religions, we are making the first true scientific discovery of Him in this post-modern age.

Also, the awareness of the personality of the universe is not the only reason why we cannot do away with God but also because God or Godhood is our highest position in our interaction with knowledge. God is who we are as well as what the cosmic awareness represents.

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Our new recognition of a state of knowing that is spiritual and higher than the one we have before is what makes on us the impression of God and of cosmic consciousness, which the prophets spoke of but never got to discover.

Also, the demarcation between physical knowledge and metaphysical knowledge shows that the latter is an ascended position or awareness that one can attribute to God or Godhood. The awareness of truth is what constitutes the God-knowledge of the universe.

We have found this God knowledge, thus we have found God. Man is now thrown into the embrace of mysticism and occult science that exposes true knowledge and the Great Cosmic God at the center of universal awareness.

It seems to me like the whole evolutionary process of man is centred around his understanding of God, whether religious or scientific, the latter which defines the next progress and which has finally found footing and pronouncement in this post-modern era.

We really have finally done away with the God-of-the-gaps or of the religious God or of any other God that has no cosmic standing and that lends no support to spiritual and scientific illumination.

The God of the universe has come to stay and this is due to our new and profound discovery of the truth, of complete spiritual knowledge and of the unity of the universe. We cannot do away with this better meaning of God and with this true essence of His person.

Until next time,

I will be here.

– M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

M. V. Echa

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