Are Wormholes Possible?

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In this article, I want us to talk about the fascinating concept of wormholes. If you are someone that has always been interested in the frontier of physics, then you may have heard physicists talk about wormholes.

Now, what is a wormhole? “A wormhole is a theoretical passage through space-time that could create shortcuts for long journeys across the universe.” — Ref:

Wormholes are space-time objects first predicted by general relativity in 1916. After Einstein published his theory of general relativity, physicists became fascinated by the different geometries of space-time that emerged from the theory, and wormholes are one of such geometrical objects.

Wormholes are usually made of black holes and white holes connected by a space-time conduit. White holes are the reverse of black holes and they were discovered by an Austrian physicist called Ludwig Flamm.

So, wormholes are among the theoretical solutions of Einstein’s theory of general relativity and so far none has yet been found.

But despite this, physicists still study theoretically the nature of wormholes and they have arrived at certain properties of wormholes like the ‘fact’ that wormholes are very unstable and that they require certain exotic matter before they can become stable.

So, considering the above and what can be referred to as a practical challenge, it is nearly impossible to create or observe a wormhole. Thus, wormholes are merely “hypothetical” concepts.

I have written this article so that we can discuss the possible real existence of wormholes. Are wormholes possible? Yes, they are, and we can answer this question now in post-modern physics because we are now better informed than the physicists before about the nature of the universe.

It is high time we looked critically at general relativity and ask ourselves if the theory is really right about accelerated frames. Are there some fundamental concepts missing in general relativity? It is in this regard that we find that the gravi-electromagnetic wave is missing in general relativity.

What is gravi-electromagnetic wave? In a simple analogy that exposes what gravi-electromagnetic wave is, the gravi-electromagnetic wave is the non-mechanical wave that accompanies accelerated frames just like the electromagnetic wave (light) accompanies uniform frames in special relativity.

General relativity missed exposing to us the nature of the second non-mechanical wave in the universe called the gravi-electromagnetic wave and it replaced the function of this wave with a space-time field or a geometrical field.

The geometry of space-time is central to general relativity and this is not supposed to be so. Rather what should be central to general relativity is the nature of the gravi-electromagnetic wave.

It was in our pursuit of the geometry of space-time that we encountered wormholes. And now post-modern physics is informing us that general relativity is fundamentally flawed because it is based on a geometrical field instead of a non-mechanical field.

So, wormholes, as they are one of the results of our study of general relativity, are impossible objects in the universe. They cannot exist as described by general relativity, but I think that they can exist as described by gravi-electrodynamics. I will come to a gravi-electrodynamic description of wormholes soon.

Now, how should we study the geometry of space-time if general relativity is wrong? Simple. It’s just like we have been studying the geometry of space-time in special relativity.


In special relativity, we study the nature of space-time for uniform frames in relation to the inseparable relationship between light (the electromagnetic wave) and uniform frames. This is also how we should now study the nature of space-time for accelerated frames.

For accelerated frames, we will now study the nature of spacetime in relation to the inseparable relationship between the gravi-electromagnetic wave and accelerated frames. I hope you can see the unity in conceptual approach which general relativity cannot produce.

When you study the geometry of space-time for accelerated frames, taking the fundamental role of the gravi-electromagnetic wave, you will realize that the space-time for accelerated frames is flat just like the space-time for uniform frames.

This is the principle of geometrical harmony found in the universe! Both uniform and accelerated frames are described by flat space-times. You have to study absolute relativity and also read some of my articles to properly understand how space-time is flat for both uniform and accelerated frames.

So, wormholes as shortcuts in the universe which are due to the bending of space-time are impossible. We now have to start looking at the practical possibilities that only the study of the non-mechanical wave proffers and not empty geometries.

I say “empty geometries” because of the absence of the gravi-electromagnetic wave in their explanation, and according to the true nature of the universe, mass or energy does not curve space-time as general relativity informs us.

However, the whole idea of wormholes remains a fascinating concept to me because they talk about shortcuts in the universe which is a remarkably faster way to transport matter from one place to another!

Is this science possible? I think it is, but not by bending space-time or by creating white holes or black holes according to general relativity. We can find or create these shortcuts in the universe by simply mastering and engaging the gravi-electromagnetic field. This is the gravi-electrodynamic way I mentioned above. 

We can find or create these shortcuts in the universe by simply mastering and engaging the gravi-electromagnetic field.Click To Tweet

Remember that the gravi-electromagnetic wave is just another non-mechanical wave like light. So, if we have been this successful in harnessing light wave, we can also be certain that we will be successful in harnessing the gravi-electromagnetic wave.

Physics is now at a similar juncture it was when Maxwell exposed to us that light is an electromagnetic non-mechanical wave. However, today, we are now being exposed to another non-mechanical wave in the universe, which is the gravi-electromagnetic wave, so are we about to practically harness another non-mechanical wave in the universe!? Is scientific history about to repeat itself!?

The gravi-electromagnetic wave is more fundamental than light because it is the real continuum that covers the whole universe and it is the birth field of matter. This realization opens our eyes to the immense practical possibilities hidden in the investigation of the gravi-electromagnetic wave and not “curved space-time”.

To move matter quickly across the universe, we only have to use gravi-electromagnetic energy. The nature of gravi-electromagnetic energy has been recently exposed to us in The Theory of the Universe; what is now left for us is to practically explore or harness this wave.

It is at this point important that I want to distinguish between the modern concept of wormholes and the post-modern concept of wormholes. The modern concept of wormhole is what I now call a mechanical wormhole because it does not take into regard the gravi-electromagnetic wave.

While the post-modern concept of wormhole is what I call a non-mechanical wormhole. The non-mechanical wormhole is heavily dependent on how much we can practically harness gravi-electromagnetic energy while the mechanical wormhole of general relativity is not.

This new concept of non-mechanical wormholes further reveals to us the real fluid or wave nature of the universe. What we call matter emerged from the harnessable gravi-electromagnetic wave and so matter has lost every form of concreteness and independence unlike how concrete and independent it was in general relativity.

It is by understanding how the universe is fluid and gravi-electromagnetic that we can easily move matter using non-mechanical wormholes, which may operate by disintegrating and reconstituting matter at two different points in the universe. This is what one would refer to as disappearing.

As we further investigate and harness the gravi-electromagnetic wave, the more we will realize the fundamental wave nature of all things, and it is this understanding that would make non-mechanical wormholes easy and feasible. We will completely lose every sense of a concrete reality or perception of matter.

In this post-modern era, we will study the possible ways we can control, manipulate and direct matter using the gravi-electromagnetic wave. This is the only way we can create shortcuts in the universe and not through the bending of space-time.

We have come to the study and the exploration of the real non-mechanical field and not the false non-mechanical space-time field. And it is through this approach that we can create real non-mechanical wormholes to transport matter in the universe.

So, wormholes are possible, now more than ever before.

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– M. V. Echa

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